Junior Dos Santos wants to avenge all his losses

Junior Dos Santos wants to avenge all his losses

Junior Dos Santos used to be the baddest man on the planet when he was the UFC heavyweight champion. However, Dos Santos lost the belt when Cain Velasquez beat him by decision at UFC 155. Since then, the Brazilian has worked his way back up to two title shots but lost again to Velasquez and then to Stipe Miocic.

Now, however, Dos Santos is making another rise to the top in which he will be the main event on Saturday. He will be taking on Tai Tuivasa, in which a win could very well get Dos Santos a win away from a title shot. Ultimately, he isn’t worried about that. Rather, he wants to avenge his losses to Miocic and Velasquez who appears close to returning.

“[It would disappoint me] a lot [if I didn’t get to avenge my losses], a lot,” Dos Santos told Submission Radio. “There’s so many doubts in this sport, man, because like I told you guys, I’m made of truth. I was the champion once again and I’m rebuilding this. I’m on the top of the rankings all the time and fighting against tough guys all the time. I’m made of truth, I can do it again and again and again and again.

“When you are made of truth, you can do this. So, this guy, I don’t know. I have many, many questions in my head. But, no doubt I would love to fight him again, I would love to fight [Stipe] Miocic again. And maybe even Alistair Overeem. He did great in his last fight, so maybe we can have also a rematch. I wanna fight this guy. Because in my mind I committed mistakes in those fights. That’s why they won. They are not better than me. And if they think that’s done, it’s not done. The only way it’s done is if they go away like Cain Velasquez is doing – going away. Then it’s done. If they stay here and they fight in the UFC, it’s not done and I’m coming for them.”

Ultimately, to do this, Dos Santos must win on Saturday. The former UFC champion is 4-4 in his last eight fights, in which he has alternated wins and losses. No matter what, to get a rematch with Miocic or Overeem he needs to win. However, a fight against Overeem is one many fans may like to see regardless if Dos Santos wins or losses.

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