Kai Kamaka

Kai Kamaka, ‘extra motivated’ after parting ways with the UFC

Featherweight Kai Kamaka III is motivated more than ever before ahead of Bellator 272 as he intends to show he’s one of the world’s most entertaining fighters.

In this interview with Kamaka III, he details why he can’t be denied in this sport, what he expects in his upcoming fight, what led to not re-signing with the UFC, and more.

Kamaka III rode a three-fight win streak into his octagon debut last year. The 26-year-old fought to a unanimous decision win over Tony Kelley in a bout that’d go on to win Fight of the Night honors. After losing his next two, one by split decision, Kamaka III faced a pivotal point in his career. After dominating Danny Chavez early on, Kamaka III would be deducted a point in the second round, leading to a majority draw and his last fight in the UFC.

Kai Kamaka III Interview

“No honestly I wasn’t,” he replied when asked if he expected not re-signing. “Just cause one, I didn’t lose and two, everybody still thought I won, and I got called two weeks notice. I’m no UFC expert, but I didn’t think I wouldn’t get resigned. I didn’t get cut cause that was the fourth fight on my deal and they just dabbled on the idea of whether they were gonna resign me or not. And I wasn’t gonna sit and wait around to see that to maybe not get signed. We got moving right away, meeting with other promotions.”

Kamaka III knows that he’s talented enough to fight at the highest level and he’s out to prove that. As far as whether or not he is extra motivated to prove to the UFC that they made a mistake, well of course he is.

“For sure it does,” he confirmed. “The only way to do that is to fight the way I fight and bring my fans over to Bellator. Make Bellator happy and hopefully, the UFC sees that no matter where I fight, I fight the same and I’m always gonna be entertaining.”

 Bellator 272 Matchup

On Dec. 3, Kamaka III takes on John De Jesus at Bellator 272. The Xtreme Couture trainee is confident that he’ll go out and put on a show.

“I’m gonna go forward and I’m gonna put the pressure on,” he asserted. “He’s gonna be backing up and try to play a point game. My fighting style’s not going to change, my tactics will, but I’m not going to change my fighting style for anybody. I feel way better since moving up to (1)45. I don’t have to kill myself cutting weight anymore. And with the way I train, the aggressive style just comes natural.”


Kamaka III hopes to become the featherweight champion of Bellator in the near future. As far as recent champs, he’d join his first cousin Ray Cooper III, with Cooper III winning the PFL 2021 welterweight tournament in October.

“Yeah my goal is to be champion wherever I go and whoever I fight for,” he replied. “I want to be number one. I want to be the best and at the same time provide for my family. That’s the main thing. I don’t cut any corners.”

Kai Kamaka III makes his return to Bellator when he faces John De Jesus next month at Bellator 272. Make sure to tune in because you never want to miss it when this man steps inside the cage.

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