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Karate Combat Season 2: Episode 2

Karate Combat continues Season 2 with three more matches on the virtual Unreal Engine powered platform of Anger Wat. Bas Rutten and Marshawn Lynch will return to do commentary and the event airs at 7 PM EST Sunday night on Karate Combat’s YouTube channel.

The first event brought three bouts that ended with a lot of concern for the main event winner, Jerome Brown. He is said to be returning this season but while Karate Combat fans wait, they will see the return of another fighter from season one who comes from the world of MMA in Joshua Quayhagen.

Quayhagen (8-5 in MMA, 3-1 in Karate Combat) brings his American Karate into the pit Sunday in the co-main event.  After his one-loss against Ibrahim in season one, he seems to have gotten used to the rules of Karate Combat and picked up several wins since. Hopefully, the win streak continues when he faces Reda Messaoudi. 

In between bouts, features on the fighters are shown so fans can see how the modern karateka trains for modern-day karate competition true to the roots of the art. Be sure and tune in to see the unique presentation, and possibly some highlight-reel knockouts. Remember there are no points or forms competition. The rules of Karate Combat are intended to force action, even when it goes to the ground. 

Main Event:

Ilies “The Madman” Mardhi (France) vs. Pedro Roig Roman “The Little Devil” (Spain)


Reda “The Cobra”  Messaoudi (Morocco) vs. Joshua “The Preacher” Quayhagen (USA)


Craig Ryan (Ireland) vs. Rita Boutadout (France)


The event can be can be seen on beIN Sports, YouTube and Karate.com.

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