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Karate Combat Season 2 Premiere Debuts Their Virtual Arena

**Update: Karate Combat posted an update on Jerome Brown on social media Monday afternoon 

Karate Combat returned Sunday with three fights in their new virtual environment. Bas Rutten, Marshawn Lynch, and Bryan Callen called the action for the event that started with a knockout and ended with a concerning decision win.

Karate Combat is more than kickboxing with takedowns. On top of competitive striking matchups that force action, they put a lot into the presentation of their events. Moving from using exotic locations to virtual ones, along with the fighters coming through a portal to face-off made for an interesting way to deliver the fights.

If you missed the event, you can watch it on its entirety here:

The sole knock out from the event came in the first fight when Jesus Lopez delivered the sole knockout of the event over Deivis Ferreras. While the other two bouts came to a decision, it would be the main event to bring enough fireworks to come to a split decision.

Abdalla Ibrahim who was reported to come in 18 pounds overweight according to Rutten, fought Jerome Brown who seemed to do enough to convince the judges of a victory but the fight would take its toll on Brown who collapsed when the announcement was made. While the event came to a close, he was said to have collapsed again backstage and later transported to the hospital. 

** Jerome Brown is OK! After extensive tests, the doctors said he had rhabdomyolysis due to his weight cut and extreme physical exercise.  He is expected to fight again this season.


Event results:

Jesus Paucarcaja Lopez (Peru)  defeats Deivis Ferreras (D.R.)  via KO at 2:59 of round 1 

Stefanos Roupakas (Greece)  defeats Maximilan Mathes (Germany) via Unanimous decision 

Main Event: Jerome Brown (UK)  defeats Abdalla Ibrahim (U.S.A.)  via Split decision 

Karate Combat can be viewed on beIN Sports, their Youtube channel and Karate.com .

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