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Karolina Wojcik talks upcoming strawweight tournament at Invicta FC 50

Karolina Wojcik has is another major opportunity in front of her at Invicta FC 50 on Nov. 15.

Recently, Wojcik had a chance at making the UFC roster when she competed on the most recent season of Dana White’s Contender Series. In her fight with Sandra Lavado, Wojcik won all three rounds and despite a clear cut win, UFC president Dana White did not select her for a contract.

After that, Wojcik heard from her management that Invicta FC wanted to bring her on board to compete in a unique part of martial arts and she accepted.

That unique part of the sport is a tournament, which is rare to see in today’s sport.

Wojcik will now join Gloria De Paula, Valesca Machado and Ediana Silva as part of a four women strawweight tournament.

In order to win the tournament, Wojcik will have to win two fights in one night.

As if that’s not hard enough, Invicta still hasn’t released the round one matchups, so none of the fighters can really form a game plan for their opening fight of the tournament.

Given the unknowns surrounding the tournament, Wojcik is just making sure she’s sharpe in every aspect of her game and she’s increased the amount of sparing she’s doing while in camp to get herself ready for multiple fights within a single night.

While the increase work sounds hard, Wojcik is embracing it and she feels the best she’s ever felt due to her now second training camp under Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas.

Wojcik loved her first camp with the gym prior to her Dana White’s Contender Series fight and now she feels so much more evolved now with training camp number two nearly done.

Prior to the Invicta FC strawweight tournament, Wojcik spoke with MyMMANews to discuss the tournament, her Dana White’s Contender Series fight and her training at Xtreme Couture.

You can watch her full interview in the video above.

The current Invicta FC fight card is listed below:

Strawweight Title Tournament Final: TBD vs. TBD
Bantamweight: Katharina Lehner vs. Talita Bernardo
Bantamweight: Claire Guthrie vs. Marilia Morais
Strawweight Title Tournament Semifinal: TBD vs. TBD
Strawweight Title Tournament Semifinal: TBD vs. TBD
Strawweight Title Tournament Reserve: Sharon Jacobson vs. Melissa Oddessa
Strawweight Title Tournament Reserve: Fatima Kline vs. Danni McCormack

Strawweight Title Tournament Participants
Valesca Machado 
Gloria de Paula
Ediana Silva
Karolina Wójcik

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