Kimbo vs Dada 5000 – King of the Streets crowned in Round 3

The King of the Streets has now been determined.

The beef between Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000 was real.  Kimbo, the former YouTube sensation turned mixed martial artist was once aligned with Dada.  But who is/was Dada 5000?  That story here.

The two men who used to run the streets of southern Florida met tonight inside the cage at Bellator 149.  The co-main event in Houston came just before the trilogy matchup between legendary mixed marital artists Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock.

Round one was not very impressive.  If anything we saw that neither fighter really has a ground game, especially Dada.  Kimbo gained early top control with a full mount position but did not do much with the advantage, in fact he received a warning from referee Big John McCarthy to advance the position.  The two heavyweights eventually made their way to their feet where they both appeared fatigue in the opening minutes.

Round two is when the Tweets and Facebook posts started pouring in.  What were we watching?  Did we really fall for this?  We did.  Let’s keep watching.  But when will the action start?  Round two ends.

Round three begins and suddenly Dada 5000 is “defeated” and does not know where he is.  The fight ends with Dada falling to the canvas.  I think he kind of walked there but that’s besides the point.  Kimbo was declared winner via TKO, 1:32 into Round three.

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