XFC 43 Review: Kurt Holobaugh Secures First Round Victory in XFC Lightweight Tournament

Kurt Holobaugh Secures First Round Victory in XFC Lightweight Tournament

Kurt Holobaugh picks up big win in XFC relaunch

The long wait was finally over as the historic relaunch of the Xtreme Fighting Championship (XFC) reemerged for its nationwide audience. The resurgence occurred on November 11 at the company’s first Fall season event, XFC 43, emanating live from The Tabernacle in Atlanta, Georgia. XFC 43’s highlight attraction was a Lightweight tournament featuring eight of today’s rising and prominent MMA competitors. The opening rounds of the tournament contained many spectacular moments. However, one highlight-reel left many fight fans watching in awe.

Twenty-seven seconds is all it would take for Kurt Holobaugh to secure his victory over Joziro Boye with an impressive TKO finish in the tournament’s first round. Holobaugh had a great deal of confidence heading into the fight in his capabilities to dominate his opponent in any fighting scenario. Holobaugh’s certainty would lead him to perform beyond his expectations in swift fashion.

“I expected to dominate the fight, “Holobaugh told MYMMANEWS. I knew he wouldn’t be able to hang with my wrestling and jiu-jitsu. I knew it would be the most competitive on the feet, but I didn’t expect it to end so quickly.”

Being able to experience the sight of getting his hand raised at XFC 43 is a remarkable feat in itself. He has had to endure many setbacks in his career for two years. Holobaugh’s fight appearances can be traced back to 2018 and 2019 at the UFC. Holobaugh suffered three consecutive losses from some of today’s top tier talents. Holobaugh has no regrets about his time in the company, as the UFC experience would serve as a considerable contribution to his expert fighting status in the XFC over the rest of the company’s talent pool.

“I have no regrets during my time in the UFC. I went 0-3, Yes, but I got the opportunity to fight some of today’s top guys in that company. My time fighting in the UFC helps me stand apart from the rest of the fighters here in the XFC, who are less experienced than me.”

After he departed from the UFC, Holobaugh had an extended moment of self-reflection and innovation. Time away from competition saw Holobaugh aiding his students in their athletic endeavors as a coach at his two Gracie United gyms in Amite and Franklinton, Louisiana. Simultaneously the selfless service assisting his students also helped in his development.

“Even when I’m not competing, I never take time off, Holobaugh revealed”. I am always in the gym rolling and sparring with my students, helping them get ready for their upcoming fights. At the same time, my students are helping me stay in shape, so when it’s time for me to get ready for a fight, I am ready to go, and they are eager to help me prepare.”

Even amid a global health pandemic, Holobaugh continued his training routine. At his personal residence, Holobaugh conducted multiple training sessions with students, friends, family, and his girlfriend. One of his main training partners came in the form of his 10-year-old son, Zayden Holobaugh. Zayden is no stranger to combat sports. The young fight practitioner is active in the children’s MMA and grappling scene in his fight circuit district. Zayden was responsible for holding the pads to assist his dad with boxing drills. Kurt finds great inspiration from his son, as a piece of him lives on through his young child.

Those motivational occurrences culminated with Holobaugh’s victory at the XFC tournament. Advancing to the semi-finals, Kurt Holobaugh will square off against Scott Hudson. Hudson also put on an amazing performance in his match against Jarel Askew, coming out with a unanimous decision victory. Analyzing Hudson’s fight strategy, Holobaugh firmly believes his opponent is outmatched, as he looks to expose his opponent’s weaknesses.

“Looking at the match, I figured Hudson would be the guy I would be facing in the next round,” he said.” But, none of the guys in this tournament are on my level.” Hudson’s striking is not on my first-round opponent’s level, his grappling game is not better than mine, nor does he have the experience of fighting high-level competitors as I’ve fought. That is what separates me from him.”

The XFC is now Kurt Holobaugh’s new home, as he looks to have an extended stay in the company. Following his fight career, Holobaugh has fallen on many occasions. However, his fortitude enables him to bounce back with a vengeance, coming away with big fight wins and championships. If this fight pattern history is destined to repeat itself, it can only spell success for Holobaugh in this tournament.  Holobaugh hopes to win the XFC lightweight tournament and prove to everyone that he is still one of the best fighters in the world.

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