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Leon Edwards weighs in for his fight again Rafael dos Anjos in July 2019. Image Credit: Getty Images

Leon Edwards rips ‘little rat’ Jorge Masvidal, hopes to defend title against him in London

Leon Edwards still wants to fight Jorge Masvidal.

Edwards and Masvidal were supposed to fight each other at UFC 269 which was a fight years in the making after the three-piece-and-a-soda, but ‘Gamebred’ had to withdraw. Although Edwards is set to face Kamaru Usman on August 20 for the welterweight title, he still wants to face Masvidal and says he will defend his belt in London against Gamebred if he beats Usman next time out.

“I thought, you little p***y. I don’t know that he would have done it anyway. I have a feeling he wouldn’t have done it. I don’t think he wants to fight. I’ve always said that he doesn’t want to fight me. Honestly, I would have loved for that fight to happen,” Edwards said to The MMA Hour. “When I win the belt, I’ll give him the title shot. That would be a fantastic fight in the U.K. Bring it back to The O2 where it happened, for the title. That’s what I want to do after this. … I’ll offer it to him. I’ll offer it to him if it happens in the U.K., for sure. My dream scenario would be to bring him back to London and headline London. I’ve never gotten the opportunity to headline London. First I was supposed to do it with [Tyron] Woodley, then that got cancelled because of COVID. So I’ve always wanted to come back home and do it.”

Leon Edwards is also not a fan of Jorge Masvidal for what he did to Colby Covington, as he says that was a rat move.

“That boy’s a little rat,” Edwards said. “Colby shouldn’t have snitched, but Masvidal, he’s like a little rat. He’s like a sneaky, run up behind you, throw a shot, and ducks off. He’s a weirdo. A weird, weird man.”

That only adds to Edwards wanting to face Masvidal but he believes he will have to rematch Usman late this year if he defeats him in August.

“I believe that’s going to happen as well, but I’d love to have the Masvidal fight,” Edwards said. “I think that would be a great [fight] and a great backstory to it, but I think that’s going to happen. I’ll beat [Usman] in August and they’ll want a rematch at the end of the year, December-ish. But we’ll see what’s going to happen.”

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