Rami Ibrahim

Longest Active Muay Thai Fighter In America Adds Another Strap

Rami “The Son Of Palestine” and “The Voice Of The Voiceless” Ibrahim (Rami Elite) competed and added yet again, another championship Muay Thai title to the packed wall of Rami Elite. This bout being under the U.S.K.A promotion and against a very game and tough opponent in Joe Logan (Stay Fly Muay Thai).

Ibrahim is the longest active pro Muay Thai fighter in America, fighting since the early 90’s. Not only a professional fighter, Ibrahim is also a well known political activist for his country of Palestine and gives everything he has to support and share his views on freeing his country. Adding to his his illustrious resume, Ibrahim is also a trainer of many Muay Thai//Boxing/MMA champions.

Ibramim takes on the task to train others and himself at the same time and succeeds without a “head trainer”. Training alongside of his fighters, as well as training himself to win seems to fit the bill just fine for Ibrahim as he and his team excel. Ibrahim thrives with his own wins simply adding to his teams arsenal of title belts decorating and crowding the establishment, “Rami Elite”

Ibrahim is the epitome of a warrior and icon to not only Muay Thai, but combat sports in its entirety. Years in the making, Ibrahim has been a role model to many future combatants aspiring to partake in the sport of Muay Thai showing many of people the “ropes”. Having the honor of chatting with Rami for MyMMANews, I had the pleasure to catch up with this Muay Thai legend after his previous U.S.K.A title win. Tune in below as Rami Ibrahim and I go head to head discussing the man behind the legacy, his recent title win, him being “The Voice Of The Voiceless”, and so much more!

In addition, I was fortunate enough to talk with Rami Ibrahim’s nephew and also pro fighter, Ahmad Ibrahim who states “People love to bash on Rami! But if they were given the hand he was given they wouldn’t wake up in the morning and go train!”

Ahmad followed with “People bash in my opinion because they are tired of seeing Rami’s face in the game, still. But…Too bad he’s still here and not going anywhere!”

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