Mauro Chaulet

Mauro Chaulet, MMA fighter, shot and killed after shootout with police in Brazil

Mauro Chaulet, 34, a professional mixed martial artist from Brazil, is dead following a shootout with police in his native country.

According to reports, Chaulet allegedly got into an altercation with a military police officer in a bar in his hometown of Porto Alegre. During the conflict, the fighter took the policeman’s gun and shot him in the groin.

Reportedly, Chaulet was shot in the back, while a woman he was with, was shot twice to the stomach. Reports state that the incident occurred after the woman got into an altercation with another woman, allegedly who was there with the officer who was shot. It’s then alleged that Chaulet attempted to flee the scene in his Mercedes-Benz C 250.

Police reinforcements found Chaulet leaving the bar in his car. The fighter fired at the officers, they fired back and wounded him in the back. Despite his wounds, the fighter drove the car into another street where he crashed into a Fiat Palio and died at the site.

Chaulet, who held a pro MMA record of 14-9, last fought for Cage Fury Fighting Championships in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 27, 2022. The loss to Manoel Sousa that night was Chaulet’s third straight defeat.

The injured policeman underwent surgery, and his life is not in danger.

It is noted that Chaulet had a criminal record for battery, organization of a criminal group, and use of false documents.

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