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Michael Lilly decimates St. Louis at Titan FC 60

Fresh off his one punch KO win over Kendly St. Louis at Titan FC 60, Michael Lilly has etched his way into a potential knockout of the year award for 2020.

“I was shocked! I didn’t expect that. I didn’t know I had that in me” Lilly says with a laugh.

On May 29th, Titan FC 60 upheld to the state of Florida’s current regulations for holding a live sporting. Florida is one of the only states allowing professional sports at the moment amidst the worldwide pandemic. However, Lex McMahon (COO) and the Titan FC team took all the preventive measures to present their fight thirsty fans another stacked. Michael Lilly, surely didn’t disappoint.

Viewable, exclusively for fans on UFC Fight Pass, Michael Lilly delivered a single overhand right hand, crumbling his opponent, Kendly St. Louis to the floor in the second round of their welterweight bout.

“I faked the takedown” Lilly says. Continuing with, “Make him think I was going to take him down. And then I caught him one time with the overhand and I was like ‘he didn’t see it coming. I can catch him again.’ and then once I caught him the last time, he went to sleep.” Lilly says replaying the knockout in his head.

Lilly walked his St. Louis down in the second round following a winning opening stanza. St. Louis threw a slight hook, followed by leg kick that was intended to assess the range with Lilly. Instead, Lilly delivered a crushing overhand right, that solidified one of the most brutal knockouts of the year, thus far.

Lilly followed the unconscious St. Louis to the floor to deliver three right hammerfists to put the final touch on his masterpiece. Lilly’s sniper-like precision scored him a highlight reel knockout that the 31-year-old is hoping to use as his ticket to bigger opportunities.

“Right now, to be honest, my main focus is; I’m trying to make it to one of these bigger shows. I’ve been fighting for a long time now and I feel like it’s my time. Lilly continues with, “I feel like that knockout should be my ticket into one of these organizations. He reiterates, “Titan is a good show but if I can get to that next level like right now and use that knockout as my ticket, I’d rather do that.”

Tune in above as MyMMANews checks in with Michael Lilly, fresh off of his viral knockout victory at Titan FC: 60. We discuss his training during the quarantine, family values, his knockout heard round the world, Lilly touches on spreading awareness for the horrific actions that took place to the late, George Floyd, and much much more!

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