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MMA Signatures Jiu Jitsu Asylum Open Weight No Gi Submission Tournament Results

MMA Signatures Jiu Jitsu Asylum Open Weight No Gi Submission Tournament Results

A $500 cash prize is being awarded to the winner of a submission only 8-man grappling tournament at MMA Signatures Jiu Jitsu Asylum in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, Saturday morning.

Matches are 10 minutes with submission only rules, no points will be awarded.  If nobody gets a submission, overtime rounds are implemented. Edwin Rodriguez will serve as the tournament’s referee.

The tournament will use Eddie Bravo Invitational rules:

  • Competitors flip a coin to decide who goes first.
  • Competitors choose to start attacking from back or “spiderweb” position.
  • Competitors take turns to attack from chosen position.
  • If one competitor submits, and the other does not (opponent escapes), he is declared winner.
  • If both competitors escape, we move to the next overtime round (maximum 3 overtime rounds).
  • If there are no submissions at the end of the three overtime rounds, the competitor with the fastest combined escape wins the match.
Asylum MMA & BJJ Academy - Submission Only Grappling Tournament
Asylum MMA & BJJ Academy – Submission Only Grappling Tournament

Two former Bellator MMA competitors headline the event.  Brett Martinez and Will Martinez will compete in the main event superfight.  Although the two mixed martial artists have the same last name there is no relation between the two.  The superfight with Will will also be a submission only grappling contest.

Brett Martinez last competed in MMA in June 2015 with a professional record of 6-4.

Will Martinez (11-3-1) is the owner of Martinez BJJ in Philadelphia, and is a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu under Master Carlos Machado, 8th degree Black Belt.  He came out of retirement from mixed martial arts in 2016, earning a win in the main event of WCC 18 over Troy Wittman.

Competitors in the $500 cash prize tournament include:

Lamont Lister
Steve Wilson
Anthony McGlynn
Michael Padilla
Lucious Macdonald
Jermie Ortiz
Jon Zang
Andrew Kochel

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Tournament Results:

First Round Bracket:

Lamon Lister vs. Michael Padilla

The opening matchup was Lamont Lister vs. Michael Padilla.  The contest immediately went to the ground where Padilla applied a guillotine and then worked his way to a triangle choke off his back.  Lister grimaced and gasped but managed to survive and work to top control where he played out Padilla’s guard.  Padilla attacked the arm and forced the tap.

Anthony McGlynn vs. Lucious McDonald

The second contest was Anthony McGlynn vs. Lucious McDonald.  The two felt each other out on the feet for the better part of a minute before the matchup went tot he ground with McGlynn landing in McDonald’s guard.  McGlynn passed the guard, took back control, sunk his hooks in, and then hopped off to McDonald’s left side where he attempted to pry his opponent’s arm from his body.  After a few moments the tap was forced and McGlynn advanced.

Steve Wilson vs. Andrew Kochel

The third contest in the first round bracket was Steve Wilson vs. Andrew Kochel.  Wilson shot in to take the contest to the ground work for top control.  Kochel ended up giving his back but listened to coaches and Wilson was not able to capitalize.  Kochel worked back to a full guard and began to maintain wrist control over his opponent.  After working his way out of a gift wrap, Kochel worked his way to the feet and the two squared up again.  Once there Wilson attempted to jump guard but it failed and he landed on his butt and Kochel took top position with half guard. Wilson worked to his knees and Kochel took his back just a few short moments left in the contest.  Within the final seconds Kochel applied an armbar but the timer had ended.

A coin was flipped, Kochel won and chose to begin from the spiderweb (armbar) position.  Kochel immediately cranked on the arm and transitioned to a triangle, also swooping his arm under his opponent’s leg.  Wilson worked out of the submission so it was restarted and this time Wilson chose back control.  Wilson locked a body triangle, but Kochel fought it off and escaped and a second overtime was applied.

In the second overtime Kochel started from the armbar position and escaped in eight seconds.  Once restarted Wilson began from the back and now he is attempting the armbar but Kochel escaped.

In the third overtime Kochel started from back position now he locked in a body triangle as Wilson stood to his feet. Wilson was dragged down to the mat and worked for chokes for what felt like minutes.  Wilson kept fending off the choke before he escaped more than seven minutes into the round.  In the final start Wilson took back control and once again locked up the body.  Kochel fought through and transitioned into full guard which counts as an escape and the entire contest is over.  Tremendous matchup.  Overtimes were totaled with 4:55 vs. 9:01.  Andrew Kochel was declared victor.

Jon Zang vs. Jermie Ortiz

Ortiz was a last minute replacement, not knowing he was going to be competing until five minutes before the tournament began.  Credit to him for stepping up but Zang was too much for him early on and the bout was shortlived.

Semi-Final rounds

Mike Padilla vs. Anthony McGlynn

Padilla immediately jumped for guard but missed and fell and landed right on his head.  You could hear the impact and see the grimace on his face but he managed to weather the storm and the contest continued with a fast pace.  Padilla worked on the leg of McGlynn.  McGlynn persevered and worked out to find himself in Padilla’s guard.  In a matter of seconds Padilla transitioned from an armbar to a triangle to an omaplata.  But the roll continued as McGlynn stayed clear of it all.  Padilla eventually worked in a triangle submission to end the contest and advance to the finals.

Jon Zang vs. Andrew Kochel

Zang is obviously the much larger competitor and Kochel is exerting a lot of energy to keep him in control of the contest.  Kochel was never out of the fight and won the fight via  rear-naked choke submission.  Incredible matchup between David and Goliath.

Super Fight

Brett Martinez took the fight to Will early on, getting the fight to the mats.  Brett looked great early with a few submission attempts but Will applied a leg log submission and forced a verbal tap.  Will Martinez wins the event SuperFight.

Final Fight – Michael Padilla vs. Andrew Kochel for championship

The final bout to declare the champion was between Michael Padilla and Andrew Kochel. Padilla earned the tap roughly two minutes into the contest and was declared tournament champion.


MMA Signatures Jiu Jitsu Aslyum Open Weight Submission Only Tournament Bracket
MMA Signatures Jiu Jitsu Aslyum Open Weight Submission Only Tournament Bracket


MMA Signatures Jiu Jitsu Asylum is located at 564 Main Street Stroudsburg, PA 18360.  The March 11 event begins at 10 a.m.  There will be a $10 admission fee.

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