UFC London results - Masvidal knocks Till out in second round

No punishment for Jorge Masvidal according to Dana White

Jorge Masvidal will not be getting in any trouble for his backstage encounter with Leon Edwards at UFC London.

‘Gamebred’ was doing a post-fight interview where it appeared Edwards said something to him that got his attention. There, Masvidal walked over to Edwards and punched him several times which opened a cut on Edwards’ cheek. Ultimately, because it happened in London, the UFC held jurisdiction over any punishment and UFC President, Dana White says no punishment will be handed down to Masvidal.

“I do blame my staff,” White told Yahoo! Sports when speaking of the incident. “There’s never a scenario where you let guys walk up to each other like that backstage. We have enough people backstage that, that shouldn’t happen, including security. I’m super disappointed in my whole crew for that one. These guys are fighters, they’re in the heat of the moment, he just won, he’s got the adrenaline pumping and [Edwards] comes by plus Masvidal is ‘that guy’.

“For anybody backstage in my staff to let these guys walk up to each other is just ridiculous. As soon as he walked up the stage with his hands behind his back, 10 people from the UFC should have jumped in there. That stuff shouldn’t happen.”

White knows this isn’t the first time and most definitely not the last time incidents like this have happened.

“It’s the fight business. Sometimes people overreact,” White said. “I thought a lot of people overreacted on the Conor [McGregor] and Khabib [Nurmagomedov] thing. We had that thing contained like that, we knew that was a possibility that could happen and we were ready for it. These things happen.

“It’s the fight business and our job is to make sure these things don’t happen on stage, behind the scenes, but sometimes it does. Sometimes things escalate and blow up.”