Paddy Pimblett Speaks on life after UFC debut

Paddy Pimblett nearing return as recovery on track

In terms of the hype surrounding his fights and his reasonably large following on social media, Paddy Pimblett is one of the biggest up-and-coming fighters the UFC has to offer. With a record of 20-3-0 to his name, the cheeky Liverpudlian is a tricky opponent to come up against.

With his comeback on the horizon, Pimblett is gearing up for a return to the Octagon after suffering an ankle injury sustained fighting Jared Gordon at UFC 282 in December. Speaking recently on SLOTH BOXX podcast about his desire to stop gaining weight in between fights, ‘Paddy The Baddy’ suggested that he won’t be returning for at least six months: “I’ve just ballooned up after every fight and eaten 8,000 calories a day. Now I probably won’t do that. I’m not coming back for six months, and as you know the amount of change that can happen in six months in fighting, it’s ridiculous.”

Pimblett’s comeback will be huge 

Pimblett is a star who knows how to sell fights, with fans following his every appearance on podcasts, keeping tabs on his training schedule through his YouTube channel, and backing their man when it comes to making bold predictions on social media and indulging in some online sports betting, with fans everywhere making the most of enticing offers in the UFC, such as the odds around a fighter with similar pull to Pimblett in Sean O’Malley who is currently priced at 2/1 to see off Aljamain Sterling.

While it remains to be seen when exactly the Liverpool-born fighter will make his comeback, it will undoubtedly hog the headlines when he does eventually step back into the Octagon and showcase his usual antics in the pre-fight press conferences.

Pimblett is speaking with more maturity these days 

The same fans who hang on Paddy Pimblett’s every word will be hoping their man can build on his early showings in the UFC and come back as an even better fighter. Additionally, his staunchest supporters will be hoping that the realisation that he needs to stop piling on the weight inbetween fights could be the catalyst for improving in other areas.

For instance, the charismatic fighter’s main weakness is undoubtedly his defence. While he has previously stated that people from his city don’t get knocked out, his reliance on his aggression leaves him alarmingly open at times. Against an opponent like Ilia Topuria, a fighter who has lost interest in fighting Pimblett, he could struggle. Hopefully, the new-look Paddy Pimblett will have focussed on his defence in more detail when he does make his long-awaited return.

It’s a stacked division 

Additionally, in order to compete in a somewhat stacked division, Pimblett must want to improve further. He clearly wants to compete against the likes of Islam Makhachev and surpass the massive multi-million base purses earned by his idol, Connor McGregor.

Speaking to Gary Neville on The Overlap on McGregor’s huge earnings, Pimblett said: “The only person who is going to beat that is your boy. £ 5 million will be chumps change in a few years lad.”

While his words are filled with comical value and bravado, Paddy Pimblett is potentially a man with a new plan. Now, with his comeback seemingly on the horizon, he needs to evolve further if he is to take on some of the division’s toughest opponents.

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