Brady with Kyle and Chris Daukaus and head coach Will Martinez

Photo by William McKee

Patrick Brady dissects his pro debut and looks for a monster 2022

Video interview with Patrick Brady above

Heavyweight Patrick Brady has jumped into the mixed martial arts scene in the last couple of years with some memorable fights and many highlight reel worthy moments.  Brady gave up the amateur Art of War Heavyweight Championship to turn his attention to the professional ranks and welcomed Larry Gonzalez all the way from California to his turf and the co-main event at AOW 21 hosted on Dec 4th at Rivers Casino in South Philadelphia.

It was an epic battle that somehow went the full 15 minutes and when the judges returned their scorecards, Brady was 1-0 with a hard-fought victory.  Going the distance in his debut has to be a huge plus in his mind moving forward especially since his head coach Will Martinez has always believed that you aren’t really a professional until you go the full 15-minutes, which was quickly taken off of the bucket list.

MyMMANews got a chance this holiday season to chat with the 37-year-old fighter and he tells us about his plans and goals for the upcoming new year…

“I have always said that I have no aspirations for making the UFC or anything like that but screw that noise.  That idea has gone out the window.  I’m going to try and put together as many wins as I can and I’m gonna shoot my shot.  I’m going to hope that my age doesn’t play a factor if they ever decided to sign me or not.  I’m going to try to string together 5 or 6 wins and I’m going to hope that I get a call either for The Contender Series or a short notice fall out.  That’s the plan.” 

Please check out our whole interview on the link above.

Brady is no stranger to UFC locker rooms as he has been to Vegas multiple times to corner his training partners Chris and Kyle Daukaus who are both currently under contract and performing very well in the UFC.  I have little doubt that he has planted seeds as Pat is more than just a brawler, but a savvy, intelligent businessman and a dedicated mixed martial artist and teammate.  Luckily, I have been cage-side commentating on all but one of his fights and I do believe he has the skill, the work ethic, plus the “it” factor.   People love to see him perform and he does not disappoint.

Brady had a hell of a 2021 with the birth of his third child, a wedding to his lovely bride, Kiersten, traveling to work UFC corners, and capping it off with his professional debut. Here’s sending out best wishes and luck to the big man for an even better 2022.

MyMMANews will be on top of any future fight news from Brady.  Stay right here for the best combat sports coverage in the universe.

Brady with Kyle and Chris Daukaus and head coach Will MartinezBrady with Kyle and Chris Daukaus and head coach Will Martinez
Brady with Kyle and Chris Daukaus and head coach Will Martinez
Patrick Brady
Photo by William McKee for Art of War

Brady with Kyle and Chris Daukaus and head coach Will Martinez
Photo by William McKee
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