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Paul Matreselva Jr. talks PA Cage Fight 31, promotional challenges

PA Cage Fight promoter Paul Matreselva Jr., is proud of his organization’s tenure as the longest running mixed martial arts promotion in the state of Pennsylvania.  He and business partner Chris Coyne present PA Cage Fight 31, Saturday, March 31, from the Woodlands Resort in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Matreselva talks about how he really had no idea what mixed martial arts was until he began following the career of friend, Jimy Hettes, a native of Swoyersville, Pennsylvania, also where Paul grew up himself.  “The Kid” Hettes was fighting for PA Cage Fight before getting the call to the UFC.  As fate would have it, Matreselva soon found himself in an ownership position alongside Coyne.

Although he has not been in the fight game very long, Matreselva has seen his fair share of ups and downs to include that of his own personal health.  Diagnosed with Leukemia at only 30 years of age, he was in for the biggest fight of his life, but that did not stop the show from going on.

Aside from personal tragedies, Matreselva, like all fight promoters has seen fights come and go.  In the interview below you will hear the promoter talk about how he would like more stringent punishment in the state of Pennsylvania for fighters that do not honor their given word.  In fact, while the interview was going down, you could hear Paul’s phone going off.  Turns out that after we concluded the talk he messaged me to tell me that one of the fighters scheduled was contacting him to alert him that he could no longer participate in next weekend’s card.  It is a scenario played out all too often in the regional scene.

Lastly, a breakdown of what you can expect to see on the action-packed PA Cage Fight 31 fight card will round out the interview.

Tune into to Paul Matreselva Jr. below:

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