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Prospect Cameron Pollard Inspiring Others Being Open About Anxiety Battles

Interview with Cameron Pollard above – Check it out

Cameron Pollard (3-1) recaps her TKO victory over Anastasia Kilpatrick (0-1) at Summit FC 36 on Nov. 7. Cameron also opened up about how her brother’s suicide lead to her MMA career, what tools she uses to battle anxiety head-on, and how taxing it is to just step into the cage. Cameron mentioned it’s not the physical nature of fighting that is a challenge but rather being featured on a platform with people watching.

“Something I really try to stress to people, for reason, I don’t know what it is, it’s not the physical aspect of fighting that scares me at all. My theory is that no matter what happens in the cage, it’s not going to be the worst day. Getting knocked out and submitted, of course that sucks. At the end of the day, I’m going to be fine. It’s really the social aspect of it that gets me. It’s getting to the fight that really wrecks my nerves. Like I said I’m not a huge people person and I’ve never liked a lot of attention. Fighting opens you up to so much speculation and criticism. There are internet trolls and things of that nature. I want to say it’s worse for WMMA athletes because there is a huge double standard. I don’t really like dealing with people and their opinions.”

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