USKA to host Rami Ibrahim's 186th professional Muay Thai Fight

USKA to host Rami Ibrahim's 186th professional Muay Thai Fight - Photo by William McKee

Rami Ibrahim reflects on final bout and continuing to fight after retirement

Rami Ibrahim has always glorified and fought for the fellow countrymen of his homeland, Palestine. His battle against Quade Taranaki at USKA Fight Night was no different. It was youth against experience and as it nearly always plays out…the exceptionally experienced Palestinian-American easily etched this one into the record books.

From the opening bell, Ibrahim’s opponent came forward-strong and pushed the pace, but Ibrahim utilized his mental trickery to force the less experienced (Quade Taranaki) fighter in and out as Ibrahim wanted to dictate the pace against his foe that made him comfortable. In the end, Ibrahim pieced a masterpiece together for his final outing in the ring…However, Ibrahim’s fight for peace, equality and freedom of his fellow Palestinians, continues.

Tune in as the future hall of famer, Rami Ibrahim goes one on one with MyMMANews’ own, Adam Crist for one final post fight interview. May the Muay Thai legend and teachings of Rami Ibrahim live forever forever!


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