Why Reebok And UFC Deal Benefits Other Promotions, Fighters

Why Reebok And UFC Deal Benefits Other Promotions, Fighters

With the official announcement of the UFC and Reebok coming together on a uniform deal, many sponsors (with all of their money) will need to advertise elsewhere. Dana White claimed in the press conference that the UFC fighters would get “all” of the Reebok money.

Over the past 14 years, Dana White and the Fertitta brothers have continued to make the organization grow, putting more money not only in their own pockets, but the fighters as well. From the television series “The Ultimate Fighter”, to the plethora of fight cards, cable television deals, and global events, the UFC is making the right moves to make this sport as big if not bigger than other professional sports. This deal should increase fighter salaries over the next six years (the length of this deal).

What about all of the other sponsors though?

The sponsors who paid UFC fighters to put their logos on their fight trunks, walk out apparel, banners, and more, can and will find more professional fighters in other organizations. This UFC deal might be a blessing in disguise for non-UFC fighters and organizations, as sponsors will now look elsewhere to allocate their advertising money. If a business wants to continue their success, it is best to advertise, and with Reebok locking up the UFC, all of those dollars can now be distributed to other MMA organizations.

bellatorBellator could see a profit gain with sponsors who can’t advertise in the UFC now.

This could be a great thing for organizations chasing that number one spot, such as Bellator, WSOF, ONE FC, Invicta and other smaller organizations who are growing, like MFC (Canada), KSW (Poland), and Cage Fury Fighting Championships (PA and NJ).

Hayabusa, Dethrone Royalty, Bud Light, and a mix of other sponsors who poured money in advertising in the UFC can now pay out that advertising money to other big leagues.

It was previously mentioned by UFC rookie fighters that they would make more money from their sponsors than their actual fight purse. With that being said, these fighters in the UFC still make more than they would in other organizations (for the most part). Now, fighters outside the UFC who are only making a few hundred dollars for a fight could hopefully see an increase in pay in the near future. In the end, this UFC and Reebok deal could have just opened the door for new opportunities in MMA and pay raises to professional fighters in the sport both UFC and non-UFC fighters.

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