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Reece Ward: “This is my resurrection”

Reece Ward has been in the cage 10 times in his amateur mixed martial arts career. With every bout under his belt, a learning process with a powerful lesson is learned and embraced.

With such agonizing high demands to meet the needs of this overwhelmingly physical sport, Ward has weathered his toughest disappointments and battled his fair share of self doubt with a “never quit” attitude.

“I’ve never really felt like I deserved that win” Continuing with, “whatever you wanna call it. I’ve just hit that point where it’s like, (slight pause) I deserve that shit! I deserve this shit! Like, I’m going after this shit!”

Ward has been on the losing end of some really narrow calls. However, that’s never hindered the focus, nor drive of the naturally gifted talent.

Discussing his less than impressive 2-8 record, Ward calmly says, “I’ve been a late bloomer my entire life for everything!” Continuing with, “Now for me, It’s just like, I’m finally starting to hit my stride! I’m finally starting to feel that growth! I’m finally starting to feel just feel like it’s a new level for me!”

“Whoever you put in front of me, I’ll get a gist of you are and then we’ll just go from there.” Ward points out as his focal point with any opponent he faces from here on out. “I’m coming to take heads off! I’m coming to really just show everybody that the fucking 2-8 Reece isn’t the Reece that’s supposed to be here. The Reece that can literally just mop all of these 25’ers up…These 30 guys up . Like I can mop all these dudes up. Fine…Not easy! But I can get em! It’s just at this point I got this right (points to head).

Saturday, February 1st, Ward rides high with momentum after his most recent win at Stellar Fights 44 and gets right back in the mix for Stellar Fights 45. His opponent is tough and gritty, Mic O’Brien who returns to the cage after a lengthy layoff to take on Ward in a flyweight contest.

The two have been slated to face each other several times, but as fate may have it, the previous bouts never came to fruition, thus, this highly anticipated war goes down as apart of the stacked Stellar Fights 45 lineup.

Discussing his bout with O’Brien, Reece Ward says:

“I honestly just feel like I’m more of a dangerous person now. And not because of skill wise! My skills are getting better, cool! But this! (Points to head) This right here for me. The fact that I finally found that drive! And finally found that point where it’s like ‘This is mine. Like…when I step in that cage like…this, is mine!”

Continuing with, “at the end of the day, it’s just kinda like…Yo! Like, I deserve this shit! This win is mine. These belts that are coming are mine. These names that I’m putting on my resume from now on, are mine!” Boldly finalizing by stating,” It’s time to start reaping my reward and tell yourself that this is yours!” Finalizing with, “at the end of the day, I have to knock your head clean the fuck off!”

Tune in above as MyMMANews visits 302 BJJ to chat with Reece Ward ahead of his bout with Mic O’Brien at Stellar Fights 45 in just a few days, February 1st at the Delaware State Fairgrounds.

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