Referee Bobby Wombacher

UFC Ref Bobby Wombacher Speaks Up About “New Rule” State To State Confusion

Mixed martial arts Referee, Bobby Wombacher sits in with Pure EVil MMA to clear up why Conor McGregor was asked to stop circling the octagon in Poland.  Wombacher shares his opinions on all the confusion with states accepting or not accepting the “NEW RULES” in MMA.

He also shares his thoughts on fighters wanting certain refs not to officiate their fights.


According to the Herald Review, “Wombacher, who now lives in Decatur, hopped into MMA on a whim, but he was all in from the start.

He initially trained to be an MMA fighter at Jeremy Horn’s gym when he first moved to Salt Lake City with his family.

“I watched it like everybody else,” Wombacher said. ‘I thought I could fight.'”

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