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RFL Grappling: Team format, ADCC rules with modified absolute divisions

Tune in above for full interview with RFL owner, Ozzy Dugulubgov.
Following the highlights of two action packed fight cards several months prior and a successful first year in business, RFL is set to close the calendar year with an all-grappling event set to take place Saturday, December 17 at the Rahway recreational center, in Rahway, New Jersey.
In their final event for the year, RFL Grappling will feature some of the regions brightest prospects squaring off in a team-style format. Four teams of Grapplers consisting of purple belts and below will follow modified ADCC rules with three “modified absolute” weight classes.
“The goal is to get these young athletes to participate in a match where the lights are on you,” says RFL owner and former professional lightweight fighter, Ozzy Dugulubgov. “There’s a crowd, you have your music, there’s a little bit of preparation in the back room. You have your red corner, you have your blue corner and yet you’re not hitting each other,” Dugulubgov elaborates.

“Teams (consist) of four people. A coach and the three athletes,” Ozzy Dugulubgov says. “The space where they’ll be fighting is not the square mats,” that some grapplers may be accustomed to, Dugulubgov emphasizes. “It’s going to be an octagon shaped area,” Dugulubgov says.

“It’s going to be ADCC rules format with little modifications such as there’s no guard pulling. If you do decide to pull guard, you’ll be giving away a point,” Dugulubgov explains. “Use your throws a little bit because in an MMA fight, you don’t pull guard. I want the guys to feel like “Hey, if I want the fight to get them to the ground then I have to get the guy down to the ground. So that already gives a little more assertiveness in an MMA mindset, pulling away from the Jiu Jitsu mindset,” Dugulubgov says. Another emphasis will be on the competitors engaging each other. “If the athletes pass that (Octagon boundary while) standing, they’re just moving back, they’re backing out so much and they pass it (Octagon boundary), they’re also giving up a point. This forces them to face each other in the middle,” Dugulubgov says.

With the three different weight divisions having a broader limit, this will assure “each participant is going to have a sense of absolute weight division,” Dugulubgov explains. The first division will consist of competitors weighing 145lbs and below. The next weight class moving up will consist of athletes fluctuating between 146lbs-193lbs. The heaviest division will be between 194lbs-245lbs.  “If you think about it, in the gym, those are the guys that go with each other. In reality, you’re always going with those guys. It’s nothing special to you,” Dugulubgov passionately explains. “So, it has a sense of an absolute division (no weight class). Yet, it has the safety of the boundaries of the weight class that will allow you to compete safely!”

“Each athlete of the winning team will receive $300. A coach of the winning team will receive $300.  On top of commission of the ticket sales,” Dugulubgov assures.
RFL Grappling goes down Saturday, December 17 at the Rahway recreational center, in Rahway, New Jersey. “Anybody who wants to get some information, go straight to the social media page. All the questions will be answered there”
Tune in above to listen to RFL owner and former professional lightweight star, Ozzy Dugulubgov talk about RFL grappling and what fans can expect from the upcoming event. He discusses what will set this show apart from others, the rules, and guidelines and so much more!

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