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Ring of Combat 67 Results – Algeo vs de Jesus

Tonight’s Ring of Combat 67 card is being brought to us by Louis Neglia and Dead Serious Promotions.Tonight’s Ring of Combat 67 card is being brought to us by Louis Neglia and Dead Serious Promotions.  The stacked fight card takes place in it’s normal home of the Showroom inside of the Tropicana Hotel Resort and Casino.

In the main event, Bill “Senor Perfecto” Algeo defends his featherweight belt for the third time matching up w John de Jesus.

In the co-main event, undefeated champion Phil “the Hitman” Caracappa battles John ” Hollywood” Sweeney.  Live results will be posted right here…

David Meskhoradze   vs   Troy Green      165 lbs

Both guys had scoring exchanges in round 1 .  Green scored 2 double leg takedowns and seemed to be in control most of the round

Very entertaining round 2 stayed on their feet the whole time.  David defended a couple takedown attempts.  Both guys landed some kicks and scoring combinations

Another round that stayed on the feet a majority of then time.  Both fighters punishing one another with knees and hands.  Green w a takedown in the last 1:30 and finishes the fight on top.

30-27 30-27 29-28  unanimous decision for Troy Green


Chris Disonell   vs Matt Turnbull   135 lbs

What a great round of fighting.  Disonell did get a takedown early but Turnbull got up quickly. Nice headkick from Turnbull and a couple nice knees to the body from Disonell.  Turnbull was more active

Uppercut lands from Disonell then a takedown.  Takes the back as Matt defends. Bodylock is tight.  Nice escape from Turnbull.  scoring knees in the clench from Disonell.

Jumping knee from Turnbull scores.  Takedo wn from Disonell.  Takes the back. Now the guard.  Ground and pound from Disonell.  Knee bar attempt from Turnbull.  Hammer fists from Disonell.

30-27 29-28 29-28  unanimous decision for Chris “Showbiz” Disonell


Dominick Biondo  vs Mario Hernandez  135 lbs

Fast start for both fighters.  Each landing.  Takedown for Hernandez.  Biondo gets it standing and lands a headkick.  Back and forth action.  Nice left hook from Hernandez rocks Biondo.  Clinched to end round 1

Hernandez opens round 2 with a nice 1-2 and then works for a takedown and Hernandez transitions to back and finishes Biondo

Mario Hernandez vis submission RNC at 1:06 of round 2


Travis Foster vs Lenny Rufati   175 lbs

Rufati rushes Foster, but Foster gets the takedown and takes the back.  Nice escape.  Back to the feet.  Takedown for Foster.  Rufati reverses and is on top.  Foster with a reverse.  Back to feet.   Lenny w a takedown.  Ground and pound for Rufati.  Triangle attempt for Foster.

Rufati w a big left hook into a takedown.  Foster w a reverse.  Full mount for Foster.  Foster on his back.  Rufati defending.  Body lock is secured.  Reverse for Lenny.  Elbows from Rufati.  Ground and pound from Gorilla Rufati.  Rufati ends round on top landing hands.

Foster back on top w a takedown.  Rufati w the reverse.  Strong ground and pound from Rufati.  Pace slowing.  Rufati must have heard me.  Just unleashed several bombs from Fosters guard.  Rufati ends round strong.

29-28 on all scorecards..unanimous decision victory for Lenny Rufati


Whittany Pyles vs Gabriella Gulfin   female 125

Pyles fighting in a karate stance takes a shot and goes to ground but quickly reverses.  Back to the feet.  Nice takedown for Gulfin but Pyles lands some punches.  Side control now the back for Gulfin.  Armbar attempt as the bell rings.  Excellent round 1

Gulfin the aggreassor.  Pyles with a leg kick to slow her.  Gulfin secures a takedown and is now in the mount.  Nice back and forth and Pyles reverses and Gulfin escapes.  Lots of transitions from both ladies on the ground.

Pyles tries a kick and Gulfin grabs it and secures the takedown.  Into side control.  Pyles working for escape.  Gulfin looking for the armbar.  Pyles is out and now on top.  Gulfin ends the fight on top after much back and forth.  Great matchup

30-27 on all cards for Gabriela “G-Daddy” Gulfin


Mike Gonzalez vs Paul Grant  135 lbs

Grant with Gonzalez up against the cage, secures the single leg takedown.  Gonzalez very comfortable in the guard.  Back to the feet.  Another takedown for Grant.  Grant lands some ground strikes as the bell rings

Grant once again pushing Gonzalez up against cage looking for takedown.  Lots of time clenching.  Grant finally gets takedown.  Nice escape but Grant right back for another takedown.  Grant landing some ground strikes.

Grant looking for takedown but Gonzalez was ready. Choke attempt, now back to feet.  Still looking for the north south choke transitioned from a rear-naked choke guillotine.(as per Will Martinez)  Grant escapes and gets a takedown as the final bell sounds

29-28  29-28 30-27    for a unanimous decision victory for Paul Grant

Shaquan Moore  vs  Dennis Buzukja   145 lbs

Buzukja with a ton of fans out of Serra-Longo.   Nice leg kick knocks Moore to ground.  He’s up and they are in the clench.  Buzukja gets some distance and looks to strike.  Another big leg kick.  Moore returns the b\favor w a leg kick of his own.  Bazukja shoots and Moore defends as round 1 ends

Moore slips ducking a punch and Buzukja pounces on top.  Back up to feet.  Buzukja with a huge right hand staggers Moore.  Moore looks to clinch.  Buzukja misses with a spinning back kick but lands a left hook and a 1-2.  Looks very crisp in his boxing.  Moore looks to clench as Dennis continues to lands

Moore lands a couple sneaky jabs but Buzukja continues to press forward.  Moore clenches and has Dennis against cage. Dennis gets the break and is stalking.  Big left to the midsection from Dennis. Moore fights back.  Lands a standing elbow and a kick.  These 2 are standing toe to toe.  Fight of the night thus far.  Wow

To the judges scorecards…30-27 29-28 29-28 for Dennis Buzukja for the unanimous decision


Jeremy Puglin  vs   Thomas Powell   185 lbs

Powell, a southpaw, has a big reach advantage.  He is stalking, but Puglin is a bull.  Powell looks sharp.   Puglin is looking to find the clinch.  Puglin picks his spot and unleashes.  Gets inside for a nice combo then a takedown into some ground and pound as round ends

Nice overhand left from Powell.  Puglin recovers nicely.  Powell with a beautiful combination that scores.  Puglin counters with a right, then Powell gets a takedown.  Back to the feet.  Pace has slown down.  Powell with the takedown against the cage.  Puglin back to his feet.  knees from Powell to the thighs of Puglin.  4 or 5 lefts from Powell land as bell rings

Powell opens 3rd with some combinations as Puglin is against cage.  Puglin covering up and ref stops the fight.  Puglin isn’t happy

1:08 of round 3 TKO stoppage by strikes for winner Thomas Powell


Giorgi Kudukashvili  vs Andrew Salas    135 lbs

Nice takedown and slam right away for Giorgi.  Back to feet.  Salas gets his back and Giorgi has to defend.  Salas in control.  Nice escape from Giorgi.  Back to feet.  Lots of clinching against cage.

These 2 are just standing in the middle of the cage and beating each other up.  Giorgi with a nice pick up and slam.  Back up to feet. Salas with the takedown. Great fight.  Back to exchanging.  Nice elbow on break from Giorgi right before round ends

Beating each other up continues.  Both with huge hearts.  Fight is still in the air.  This is a tough one to score.  Nice uppercuts from Salas.  Giorgi to the clench.  Salas gets the takedown.  Right back to feet.  Knees to the body from Giorgi.

All judges score the fight 29-28 for Giorgi Kudukashvili  by unanimous decision


Co Main Event   Bantamweight Title bout…. John  “Hollywood” Sweeney challenger vs  Phil “the Hitman” Caracappa  Defending champ  135 lbs

Caracappa had been in control landing his and and some kicks, Sweeney stunned him with a right.  Phil recovered and is back strong.  Sweeney bleeding from the nose.  Spinning back kick from Sweeney glances Caracappa at end of  round.  A real battle

Both fighters faces are marked up.  Caracappa with a nice 1-2. Spinning back kick to the body from the champ.  Caracappa eats a right but gets the takedown.  Sweeney trying to use cage to get up.  Back standing.  A shot by Caracappa looking for takedown.  Nice sprawl from Sweeney.  Going to 3rd round

Holy shit Caracappa opens up with a combo then a head kick dropping Sweeney and  then some vicious ground and pound to force the referee to stop the fight.  The defending champ with his best performance ever.  Amazing stoppage for the TKO.  This place is rocking!

Phil “the Hitman” Caracappa retains his bantamweight championship at :32 of round 3 via TKO due to strikes


Main Event   Featherweight Title bout… John DeJesus… challenger  vs defending champ  Bill “Senor Perfecto” Algeo

Dominance from Algeo.  Darce choke almost ended it.  Hands and head kicks have softened DeJesus up.  The bell saved him in round 1

Algeo continues the assault getting a takedown and securing the rear naked choke.  Vintage Algeo

Bill”Senor Perfecto” Algeo at 3:07 of round 2 vis RNC



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