Ronda Rousey on Ray Rice situation – “Women, Respect yourself and know what you’re Worth”

Ronda Rousey on Ray Rice situation – “Women, respect yourself and know what you’re worth”

UFC women’s bantamweight champion spoke with Extra’s Charissa Thompson during the FOX Sports 1 Premiere party for The Ultimate Fighter, TUF 20.  One of the topics of discussion is this week’s extremely controversial headline, the release of the video inside the elevator showing NFL football star, Ray Rice, punching and knocking out his now wife, Janay Palmer.

Rousey said she was shocked to learn that Palmer married Rice after the incident. “I’m just gonna and say that probably was not a wise decision but you know….” Rousey said.

When asked message wise, what the top female fighter in the world would say to women across the board, Rousey said this.

“You need to respect yourself and see what your worth and really know what you’re worth. Unfortunately I think a lot of women undersell themselves, they don’t know how much they really deserve and I know for a fact that a woman deserves more than what she believes.”

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