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Sean Santella welcomes Shorty vs. Shorty matchup for Brave Combat Federation

Sean Santella is currently ranked as the number one professional flyweight mixed martial artist in the northeast.  Earlier this year, “Shorty Rock” signed with international MMA promotion, Brave Combat Federation, leaving behind the three titles he currently holds in the 125-pound division for Cage Fury Fighting Championships, PA Cage Fight, and V3 Fights.

Santella’s first trip overseas did not go exactly as he had hoped for. Several hiccups in travel en route to Tangier, Morocco left “Shorty Rock” frustrated, and nearly resulted in him pulling out of the fight, but that is not the type of competitor he is. Santella ultimately would drop a unanimous decision to Velimurad Alkhasov at Brave CF 14 in August, but now the New Jersey native is looking to get back on the horse.

“You always try to takes something away,” Santella said in an interview conducted at Miller Brothers MMA in Sparta.

“I don’t feel like I had my best performance, and again, I can sit here and say it was the travel, it was this, it was that.  I’m always going to be prepared to fight.  I’m always going to try to bring the best into the cage.”

Eager to return to action as soon as possible, one particular name has caught his attention.

Brave Combat Federation recently signed Jose “Shorty” Torres, a former two-division champion for Titan FC, who was recently released from the UFC.

“I had a feeling they (Brave CF) would sign him when there was talks of the UFC kind of filtering through their flyweight division,” Santella said.

“I had a feeling that being how vocal he (Torres) was in his interviews about stuff going on that he was gonna end up getting cut.  Honestly, I don’t think he had good showings in the UFC.  I honestly don’t think he was ready.  They pushed him too soon.  He had a couple tough fights in the UFC, but not top level guys.”

Santella continued that he knew Torres would sign to Brave eventually.

“Whether it will be a Shorty vs. Shorty showdown… I hope so,” “Shorty Rock” said.  “And I hope it’s for the title. I love that fight.  I tried to get that fight in Titan.  They turned it down in Titan.”

“I’ve been ‘Shorty’ a lot longer than he has.  Between my 30 pro fights, I’ve probably been doing it six years longer.  I think my nickname stayed around a little longer,” Santella said.

“I do (want the fight).  I don’t think he does.  I don’t think the first fight out of the UFC, he is going to want the top level competition.  I honestly don’t think Brave will want it because he is kind of their home grown guy.  I feel they are gonna want him to get to the belt pretty quick.  I think him and Velimurad would be a good fight.  I actually think Velimurad beats him (Torres).  Either way, I’m happy to get my rematch for the title or I’ll be happy to fight Torres either as the number one contender or eventually for the title.  I don’t see me being his first fight back in to Brave, but I would take that invitation in a heartbeat.”

As of press time neither Santella or Torres have a fight announced for 2019.



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