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Senshi Australia vs Europe Live Stream

Senshi – Australia vs Europe – Live Stream

On December 9th, Senshi arrives at the Dom’s Social Club in Melbourne, Austalia and will be live on FITE with Senshi – Australia vs Europe.

This special edition of Senshi feature clashes between top Australian and top European fighters.

There will be 10 international matches – 6 full contact karate and 6 kickboxing.

The action begins at 3:30 am ET and can be purchased and watched below:

Card subject to change

Fight 10
Aaron Goodson vs Maikel Astur

Fight 9
River Daz vs Ognyan Mirchev

Fight 8
Stefan Stamatakos vs Aleksander Yordanov

Fight 7
Dassakorn Saton vs Rosen Nyagolov

Fight 6
Alessandra de Sa vs. Aneta Meskauskiene

Fight 5
Nathan Phillips vs Kevin Cid

Fight 4
Zayn Timev vs Vasil Dimitrov

Fight 3
Genci Sulaj vs Nikolay Zotev

Fight 2
Leanne Stewart vs Heyley Rowland’s

Fight 1
Samuel Shields vs. Szymon Olpinski

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