Stellar Fights 44: Addison vs McMahan Full Results

Stellar Fights 44: Addison vs McMahan Full Results

Stellar Fights returns to the Delaware State Fairgrounds yet again, to host their 44th show since their inception close to a decade ago. Through hard work, an undying love for the sport, and a passion for giving the up and coming fighters a platform to perform on, Stellar Fights Promoter, Brad Dalton has truly provided a solid foundation for the fighters to build their skills on the regional circuit.

Saturday, November 23rd, Stellar Fights 44 is headlined by two of the top 155lb kickboxers in the area. Slugfests, technical battles, and knockouts…Doug “The Bearded Warrior” Addison and Taylor McMahan have seen it all in the midst of combat. Now, comes the day for these two skilled warriors to see who reigns supreme in the 155 lb. weight class as they vie for the Stellar Fights 155 lb Glory rules championship.

In the co main event of the evening, hard hitting, undefeated, Rosendo Leyva squares off against 4-1 High Voltage’s bright prospect, Keenan Forsey in a 170lb Glory rules bout. This bout sees two star athletes matched against each other early in their amateur career, setting up an all around fireworks show. This bout promises no lackluster performances from either party, and could easily be fight of the night.

Stellar Fights 44 goes down at the Delaware State Fairgrounds!

Full results

Main Event- Stellar Fights Amateur 155lb Glory Championship- Doug “The Bearded Warrior” Addison vs Taylor McMahan

Round 1: Both fighters waste no time exchanging heavy leather to establish dominance. The action is non stop for the first half of the round as these fighters settled in for an all out war. McMahon blasts a rear leg roundhouse head kick which is blocked but erupts as loud as an explosion. These fighters let it all hang out in the first round of this championship endeavor. Addison stays active on McMahan with heavy pressure, but McMahan is staying poised in the pocket when needed, and regaining distance when needed. Both fighters landed so cleanly and so often in the first round, it was inevitable for both fighters to walk away unscathed. With time closing in the first round, Addison lands a jab-right hook combo that crumbles McMahon to the canvas for the 10 count. McMahan beats the count and makes it to the end of the first round.

Round 2: McMahan looks to get the knockdown back and presses on the gas immediately in the second round. Both fighters look sharp, but McMahan is looking to be the aggressor. Addison picks up the pace and returns fire as needed. It becomes clear that McMahan is still hurt upon a flush shot and Addison goes to work, piecing together numerous punch combinations that begin adding up and systematically take their toll on McMahan as he finds himself on the canvas again for the count. However, this time he couldnt answer the referees 10 count and Doug Addison was crowned the new Stellar Fights 155lb Glory Rules Champion.

Winner: Doug “The Bearded Warrior” Addison via TKO, 53 seconds into round 2.

Co-Main Event
170lb Glory Rules-Rosendo Leyva vs Keenan Forsey

Round 1: Leyva is the first to commit in this bout to break the ice. And the bombs started flying. Neither fighter is shy to let the other know they don’t fear the other, and both fighters get into a tit-for-tat, back and forth exchange. Leyva connects with a leg kick that hurts and drops Forsey for the count. Forsey beats the count and tells the referee he is ok to continue and the action resumes. Some feinting from Leyva. Followed with Forsey’s attempt to regain some ground in this bout. Leyva fires hard to the inured leg of Forsey, sweeping him clean off of his feet and crashing to the canvas as the referee has seen enough to call a halt to this contest.

Winner: Rosendo Leyva via First round TKO at 1:39

165lb MMA- Erik Marsh vs Jon McNatt

Round 1: McNatt lands a straight right as soon as the fighters met in the center of the cage. Marsh gets caught and wobbled in his tracks while McNatt presses on the gas. Marsh is able to stop his opponent with 3 consecutive hip throws, back to back and finally landing in side control. Marsh spent the remainder of the round smothering McNatt from side control and letting short punches accumulate to close the round.

Winner: Erik Marsh via TKO at 3:00 of round 1. McNatt couldn’t continue

Flyweight MMA- Roe Mar “King Mar” Blacknail vs Reece Ward

Round 1: Both fighters exchange leg kicks and Blacknail following with a teep to the midsection. A slight feeling out process, as both fighters pop their respective shots to establish a comfortable range. Blacknail throws a right hand that Ward slips, followed by a takedown attempt. Ward slides to the right of the takedown attempt, avoiding it with ease. The action continues and both fighters mix up their punch to kick combinations. During an exchange, Ward fired a leg kick that slid and hit Blacknail in the groin for a pause in action. Ward lands a solid straight shot upstairs that looks to wobble Blacknail and Blacknail immediately closes the distance. Ward pressed Blacknail against the cage where he fires short knees to Blacknails leg mixing in some peppering punches. After a separation, Ward goes to work, swinging with nasty intentions. Blacknail doesn’t shy away from slinging his own leather, either. The first round bell sounds and the fighters stop on cue but are left staring at each other in the heat of the moment as to say “To be continued in a minute”.

Round 2: Ward is dancing before the round begins and upon resuming, the fighters touch gloves and meet in the center of the cage. Both fighters lead with feints and Ward is the first to commit. Blacknail follows landing his own straight right that catches Ward, however. In a heated striking exchange, Ward finds himself tied up with Blacknail taking him for a heavy ride, slamming him to the canvas. Ward traps an arm looking for an armbar attempt. Blacknail lifts ward up as if to slam him, but places him down instead. Ward scrambles for an omoplata Blacknail defends and the fight makes its way back to the feet. In a brief exchange, the fight switches levels with Ward taking Blacknail to the canvas. Both fighters transitioned and active scrambles on back and forth on the floor with a little trash talking against the cage to close the round.

Round 3: Ward sets up a punch/kick combination and Blacknail slips underneath for a takedown which is fended off well. Blacknail presses Ward against the fence as both fighters jock for positioning. In a back and forth effort against the cage, Ward scores a takedown with Blacknail bouncing right back to his feet. Ward has one hook in against the fence peppering shots with Ward throwing elbows to Wards thigh to close this bout out.

Winner: Reece Ward via Unanimous Decision

Bantamweight MMA- James Mullens vs Scott “Dirty Scooter” Suiter

Round 1: Mullens comes forward immediately with Suiter circling to the right. Suiter gauges distance with a single leg kick and changes direction for a different look. With just that minimal opening, Mullens timed a picture perfect jab-right cross that sent Suiter crashing to the canvas. The referee had no choice but to stop it, even though Suiter popped right back to his feet after hitting the floor.

Winner: James Mullens via KO at 10 seconds into round 1

Welterweight MMA- Candido Rodriguez vs Issac Kent

Round 1: Kent fires first with a brutal leg kick. Both fighters fire with authority but respectively as they both take their time to find their rhythm. Rodriguez pushes forward by pressing Kent against the cage for the better part of the first round. Both fighters exchange short shots against the cage with Rodriguez having dominant position.

Round 2: Both fighters come out swinging for the fence with Rodriguez landing a clean right that staggers Kent. Rodriguez swarms with Kent trying to cover up by clinching. The fight gets pressed against the cage again where the action slows. The referee calls a halt in the contest to scold Rodriguez for grabbing the cage and takes a point without warning. The action resumes and the bout returns to the cage once again where Rodriguez wears on his opponent and scoring points with hand control and short punches in between.

Round 3: Kent comes forward knowing he’s behind on the scorecards. With minimal time wasted, Kent presses Rodriguez against the cage and swings with a brutal left hook that puts an end to Candido Rodriguez’ night.

Winner: Issac Kent via KO at 39 seconds in round 3

140 lbs MMA- Ben Levin vs Matthew Santos

Round 1: Levin charges forward firing leg kicks consistently. Santos shoots in for a leg but Levin sprawls, landing in the north south position. Levin softens up his opponent with some ground and pound from body to head and looks for a guillotine. During a scramble, Levin winds up with knee on belly and fires some punches to a grounded Santos and ends up in full guard. In a round that’s been spent mostly on the ground, its hard not to score this round for Levin.

Round 2: Levin picks up where he left off-applying heavy pressure from the opening bell. Levin charged across the cage, firing leg kicks and follows in for a takedown. Once the bout hit the ground, Santos throws the legs up looking for a submission attempt, but Levin sees it immediately and postures up to get free. Levin has definitively found his rhythm in this contest, as he is in full control, grinding away and scoring points on top of his opponent.

Round 3: This round stays on its feet for the first half with both fighters landing hard punches in their exchanges. Levin gets ahold of Santos and drags him back onto the ground where he continues where he left off on the mat as he smothers Santos and looks for openings while scoring points from top control. During a scramble, Santos traps an arm looking for a submission. Levin fends it off and finds himself looking for an inverted triangle. The perfect ending to a one sided fight for Ben Levin.

Winner: Ben Levin via Unanimous Decision

145 lbs Glory Rules- Nick Houriet vs. Thomas “The Smoke” Salmon

Round 1: Both fighters waste no time getting to work trading kicks to start the contest. The action slowed a bit and Salmon begins utilizing his reach and jab more to keep Houriet away. Houriet keeps the pressure on as Salmon seems comfortable fighting backwards. A right hook from Salmon to the body paused Houriet in his tracks for a standing 8 count towards the end of the round. Salmon senses blood in the water and puts heavy pressure on Houriet with straight punches down the middle to close the round.

Round 2: Houriet begins the round walking down Salmon. Salmon pops in and out to keep Houriet at bay while scoring points. Salmon sees an opportunity to charge down the middle with straight one-two combos that have Houriet retreating. Houriet attempts to stalk Salmon but is consistently walking in straight lines and Salmon meets him with straight punches and leg kicks to put a stamp on round 2.

Round 3: Salmon starts this round as the aggressor looking to get his opponent out of there early. The dust settles and Houriet is desperately attempting to play catch up but is being blocked and most of his shots being slipped by the confident Salmon. Houriet throws a Hail Mary headkick at the end of the round to try to get the job done, but to no avail as both fighters slug it out until the end in a fantastic opener to Stellar Fights 44.

Winner: Thomas Salmon via Unanimous Decision

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