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Stellar Fights 45 Live Results: Leyva vs Stephenson

Stellar Fights, Delaware’s premiere mixed martial arts promotion, with two decades in the biz, returns on Saturday, February 1st for Stellar Fights 45. This marks the for their card of 2020 and they brought some fireworks for this party from the top of the bill to the bottom.

Stellar Fights does an outstanding job of providing the fans a diverse night of combat sports as they host MMA bouts first and foremost, but also salt and pepper in some Glory (rules) Kickboxing bouts for the fans that love a good stand-up-and-bang type of fight.

Capping off the evening for Stellar fights 45 will be the hard hitting-gritty, brawler in Rosendo Leyva (3-0), taking on the technician with knockout power that is Trevahn Stephens (3-2). This bout screams action as both fighters come out of well respected gyms with Leyva representing Bowerhouse MMA and Stephens fighting out of Beltrante Fighting Systems. In a bout that’s almost a certainty that it won’t last the entire scheduled time, this bout is everything a main event could ask for. Power, agility, speed, and the cold hard fact that the fight could be stopped at any moment…

Stellar Fights brings some serious heat back to Harrington, De. at the Delaware State Fairgrounds for Stellar Fights 45, Saturday, February 1st. Tune in below for your live results provided below!


Bout 1 – (MMA) Heavyweight: Alex Banks vs. Gregg White

Round 1: White wastes no time charging forward with a straight punch combination down the middle that wobbles Banks early. White continues to push his opponent against the cage where he utilizes his dirty boxing to potentially score the early stoppage. Banks circles off the cage and fires a head kick that White narrowly slips under and White presses forward again with authority. Firing straights and hooks upstairs, White presses the action, relentless. The fighters work their way into the clinch and White scoops his opponent up and slams him heavily onto the mat where he goes to work from the top. After some damage from the top, the referee calls a halt to the contest for the doctor to take a look at Banks eye (cut). The doctor declares Banks is unable to continue, drawing a close to the contest and ruling the contest a TKO stoppage.

Winner: Gregg White via TKO. 2:29 into round 1

Bout 2 – (Glory) 135 lbs: Kyle Hannigan vs. Kyle Thompson

Round 1: These fighters waste no time exchanging brutal punch combinations early. The kicks work their way into the mix and these fighters go to war. In a heated back and forth exchange, Thompson starts to gain leverage as the end of the round nears, pinching his opponent against the cage and delivering knees and leg kicks vigorously, wearing Hannigan down until the bell sounds.

Round 2: Thompson wastes no time pressing the action again early, suspecting his opponent is tiring. Thompson leads with knees and working his way back out of the pocket to tee off from the outside with straight punches mixed in with chopping kicks from the outside. Hannigan is clearly getting warn out and flustered as he retreats to the cage. Thompson Followed his exhausted opponent, and targets Hannigans mid-section and goes to work, with hammering knees, until Hannigan stops defending himself. The referee has no choice but to call a halt to the bout.

Winner: Kyle Thompson via TKO. 1:14 into round 2.

Bout 3 – (MMA) 125 lbs: Mic O’Brian vs. Reece Ward

Round 1: O’Brian fires a leg kick and Reece throws a counter punch that makes O’Brian second guess standing with Ward. O’Brian switches levels early for the takedown. Ward is able to fend off the takedown and reverse O’Brian, score the mounted position where he goes to work brutalizing his opponent with Vicious ground and pound. The fighters scramble several times where Ward would secure back control where he’d look for the rear naked, transitioning to working his way back into mount and firing bombs and hammerfists with nasty intentions from everY turn. The fighters work their way back to their feet and Ward snatches O’Brian’s neck with a quickness, cranks the standing guillotine and persists to put his opponent to sleep.

Winner: Reece Ward. via technical submission (guillotine). 2:15 into round 1.

Bout 4 – (MMA) Heavyweight: Raiden Keller vs. Dale Reed

Round 1: Keller leads with a pawing jab to gauge his distance and closes the distance immediately following, where he gets Reed to the ground, quickly. Reed bounces back up and secures a guillotine as Keller was trying to get the bout to the floor. Keller easily fends off and escapes the guillotine attempt, and is happy to keep the bout on the mat. Keller throws his legs up for the triangle choke. Keller has his opponent exactly where he wants, locks it in deep, and secures the tap to call an early end to this fight.

Winner: Raiden Keller: via Triangle choke. 1:44 into round 1

Bout 5 – (Glory) 140 lbs: Mason Derbyshire vs. Joe Thompson

Round 1: The opening stanza is all Thompson as he consistently comes forward while mixing up his strikes early between his leg kicks, head kicks and punches to the head. He kept Derbyshire backpedaling the majority of the round. Although, Derbeyshire had his moments with thudding leg kicks while mixing in some jabs to gain some distance. However, Derbyshire seemed confused early from the output and accuracy, as Thompson showed a plethora of tools.

Round 2: This round starts a lot more competitive as both fighters throw caution to the wind and start swinging for the fence with nasty punch combinations. Firing back and forth and both looking for the one-shot finish, these fighters go to war. Derbyshire seems to want to utilize his boxing combinations from the outside while working his inside thai clinch when the contest gets close. Thompson continues to mix up his brilliantly accurate striking throughout the contest with crisp punches, and well timed leg kicks to keep Derbyshire guessing. Derbyshire is down on the cards for sure, but not out, as he’s constantly looking for his openings, and throwing when he can.

Round 3: Neither fighter wastes time and begin swinging for the fences, eagerly wanting the finish. After a heated back and forth punch exchange, Thompson switches to firing multiple kicks to take out his opponents legs. Derbyshire is showing his grittiness and tenacity as he is walking through the punishment and returning fire with brutal knees to the mid-section finding their bullseye and heavy punch combinations upstairs. In a bloody endeavor where neither fighter has let up an inch, it comes down to the final seconds where both fighters trade until the end.

Winner: Joe Thompson via Unanimous Decision

Bout 6 – (MMA) 185 lbs: Michael West vs. Melo Gonzales

Round 1: Neither fighter waste a second of time and come forward with ill will from the bell, firing bombs. A kick from Gonzales tripped West, sending him to the canvas. Gonzales doesn’t hesitate and follows West to the ground. West gets top control and fires brutal ground and pound, but Gonzales is taking everything West has, as West transitions into an armbar. Gonzalez escapes, and both fighters stand where they engage in an all out war, again. West secures full mount and rains heavy bombs. Gonzales gives up his back, and West secures the rear naked choke. Gonzales escapes and turns to his back, where West follows him on top and starts to land brutal ground and pound until the first bell sounds in an action packed first stanza.

Round 2: West baits Gonzales with feinting forward, forcing Gonzales to bite, and begin the engagement as he starts throwing wildly, and heavily. West looks to get the bout to the ground but Gonzales lands on top. Gonzales stands back up with the referee intervening to fix West’s shin pads for a moment. The action continues and it doesn’t take long for the bout to hit the floor, yet again. Gonzales secures full mount again and begins teeing off on West with nasty ground and pound erupting like bombs as they land on their target until the referee has seen enough and calls a halt to the bout.

Winner: Melo Gonzales Via TKO. 1:53 into round 2

Bout 7 – (MMA) 135 lbs: Wesley Russum vs. Scott Suiter

Round 1: Both fighters start the contest with a slight feeling out process with Russum leading with a straight right down the middle, while Suiter fired a one-two down punch combination. Russum throws a leg kick, followed by a straight right upstairs that staggers Suiter against the cage. Russum continued with a flurry of punches, and as Suiter went to switch levels for a takedown, he gets clipped by a punch, falling face first to the canvas. Russum wasted no time following up, but the referee was already on his way in to stop the bout.

Winner: Wesley Russum via TKO. 11 seconds into round 1

Bout 8 – (Glory) 170 lbs: Jocque Hunter vs. Ben Lewis

Round 1: Theres no feeling out process in this bout as these fighters are primed for war. They settle in, bite down on their mouth guards and meet the other in the center of the cage and engaging in a slugfest. It doesn’t take long for mouthpieces to fly as both of these fighters are landing with accuracy and brute force. A quick halt in the bout so Hunter can replace his mouthpiece and these fighters are back to throwing heavy leather again. Hunter utilizes his range by staying on the outside of Lewis utilizing his jabs and leg kicks, while peppering in some head kicks. Lewis continues to charge forward as the fighters engage in trading bombs in this absolute war of a first round.

Round 2: Lewis presses forward, swinging for the fences with looping but powerful bombs in his hands with each shot wearing Hunter down little by little. Lewis is on a warpath but Hunter tries to utilize his range, staying on the outside. The accumulation of punishment is getting overwhelming and has Hunter tired and hurt. Hunter retreats from the non-stop onslaught, while Lewis stalks him down, mixing in knees to keep his hurt foe guessing. Lewis is on a warpath to an early stoppage as Hunter is barely standing, and the referee has seen enough to call a halt to the contest.

Winner: Ben Lewis via TKO at 1:43 into round 2

CO-MAIN EVENT – (MMA) 170 lbs: Aking De Leon vs. Nick Mancini

Round 1: De Leon starts the contest with accurate punch combinations straight down the pipe. Mancini closes the distance, looking for a takedown, but backing De Leon to the cage. De Leon works his way off of the fence and continues with his pin point strikes to the head. De Leon’s striking on another level And outclassing Mancini early. Mancini makes one last attempt to close the distance and get ahold of De Leon. De Leon has other plans as he slips out of range, sets his target, and unloads a straight right that lands beautifully, sending Mancini crashing to the canvas. The referee immediately charges in to stop the bout as De Leon walks away with a strut in his step knowing he finished his job.

Winner: Aking De Leon via TKO at 1:25 into round 1.

MAIN EVENT – (Glory) 174 lbs: Rosendo Leyva Granados vs Trevahn Stephens

Round 1: Both fighters come forward with ill intentions and start unloading bombs. Stephens charges forward with a punch combination, with some punches landing, while some being blocked. Leyva is known to let his opponents wear out, and he’ll withstand punishment to wear his opponents out. However, the referee is less than impressed and calls a standing 8 count, due to Leyva not “intelligently” defending himself. Leyva lets the referee know he’s fine, and the bout continues. Leyva knowing he’s started on the wrong foot, and has some room to close, Leyva starts to piece together his own combinations, while getting flashy with a spinning wheel kick, as well as a Saenchai kick. Both fighters have their fair share of advantageous points in the opening round. Fortunately this bout has just begun, and the bell sounds as we prepare for round 2.

Round 2: Stephens feints early to gauge Leyva. However, Leyva doesn’t bite, instead charging forward and engaging quickly with another spinning wheel kick. Stephens sits back while studying his opponent, peppering some leg kicks to stay in the mix. Leyva stays active on his opponent, stalking Stephens and throws when he knows he has the perfect angle to land with authority. The round draws to a close and its anyone’s fight at this juncture.

Round 3: Leyva throws, and Stephens returns with ill will and both firing with 100% pure power, this bout has turned into an all out slugfest. Both fighters are biting down on their mouthpiece and throwing everything they have in their punches, not backing down an inch. Mixing up their kicks to score points, and keep their opponent at bay, but this is a very punch heavy fight as both . In the final stretch of this main event, neither fighter backed down an inch and the fans are screaming at the top of their lungs for more as this bout was worth the price of admission alone.

MAJORITY DRAW With both fighters mutually agreeing to a rematch to be scheduled soon.

Stellar Fights 46 Returns to the Delaware State Fairgrounds on Saturday, April 4th. Stay tuned to for all your updates and fight news needs!

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