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“The Barn Cat” Tamdan McCrory talks about his return to the cage Interviews MMA News 

“The Barn Cat” Tamdan McCrory talks about his return to the cage

“The Barn Cat” Tamdan McCrory talks about his return to the cage

by Adam Crist

Last year Tamdan “The Barn Cat” McCrory returned to MMA after a five-year hiatus and he did it with a bang!  Some people doubted him, or even counted him out, however the “Barn Cat” dismissed all  doubters and expectations coming after the five-year silence to spend 1:37 in the cage in TWO fights combined.

The UFC veteran went 3-3 in the organization before leaving in 2009 after a loss to John Howard at UFC 101.

The 28-year old fighter opens up on his experiences in the UFC and says he was “rewarded handsomely for what he did.”  He has no regrets and talks about how fighters can work to get their “fair share.”

McCrory returned to MMA in 2014 with a win 21-second win over Brennan Ward followed by his Bellator 134: British Invasion armbar submission win over Jason Butcher at just 1:34 in Round one.

McCrory was gracious enough to spend some time with MyMMANews to talk about his comeback, or as he calls a “War path,” why he fights, how he has other options besides fights and much more.

“If I died tomorrow people are going to look at me and say I was successful but for me, it’s not enough,” McCrory said.


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Adam Crist

Adam Crist

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