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The Most Anticipated UFC Matches Over This Weekend

Nothing gets the adrenaline pumping better than an old-school brawl. However, that’s only part of what UFC is. It’s the ultimate stage for skilled mixed-martial artists to go head-to-head. The clash of vigour, grit, and skills is an absolute spectacle. UFC hosts large-scale matches almost every weekend. If you’re an avid follower of the tournament, you’re at the right place. Today we give you facts coupled with our take on the possible outcome. 

But that’s not all. 

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The Top Chart for This Weekend 

This weekend, get ready for some of the most memorable fights that are yet to happen. We’ve taken a weight-class approach to the list. Let’s dive straight in.

Women’s Strawweight – Marina Rodriguez vs. Amanda Lemos

This one’s a much-anticipated match-up of the first November weekend in UFC. With almost evenly dispersed odds, this one’s a tough call. While Marina Rodriguez is coming in hot with a four-fight win streak, her fighting style has become somewhat of an Achilles’ heel for her. However, that doesn’t disqualify her from her dream – the title run. On the other hand, for a woman her size, Amanda Lemos has a powerful left-hand counter that’s been her howitzer all season. Only time will tell if she can land it on Rodriguez enough times to secure the victory. 


Welterweight – Neil Magny vs. Daniel Rodriguez

This matchup is ringing bells and has the makings of a great one. However, the odds are all biased towards Daniel Rodriguez. The 35-year-old Neil Magny is somewhat of a gatekeeper to the crown now. But Daniel Rodriguez has shown immense grit and strength throughout the season. He’s already broken through most of the gatekeepers. We too think Rodriguez is the obvious pick. While Magny might be a great kickboxer, his pattern of wearing opponents and using the ‘clinch’ is well-known. Thus, for a composed fighter like Rodriguez, it shouldn’t be too hard to break through.


Flyweight – Tagir Ulanbekov vs. Nate Maness

Nate Maness is new to this weight class, so the odds are skewed in his favour. The reason for it is simple. There’s an air about Nate Maness that we can’t quite put the finger on. However, he has shown impeccable skill and dedication. Additionally, his fresh perspective might be an absolute game-changer for him.

On the other hand, Tagir Ulanbekov recently suffered a loss, despite being an active member of the weight class. But the result is still anyone’s guess since both fighters rebound from a loss. All we can say is that sparks will fly in this fight!


Lightweight – Grant Dawson vs. Mark Madsen

Dawson comes in hot this weekend with a 9-game win streak. Dawson plans to get Madsen tired to bag the trophy. However, some speculate that revealing his strategy was a premature move. That may be why the odds are mostly against him. On the other hand, Madsen is a five-medal winner at the world championship and bagged the silver medal at the Rio De Janeiro Olympics 2016. So far, Madsen has been in 12 fights, and he’s won all. But, whatever the outcome, only time will tell. 

That’s most of the top fights you should be tuned in for this weekend. We would also like to mention the heavyweight fight that’s coming up between Chase Sherman and Josh Parisian. The odds are strongly skewed towards Parisian as he’s at peak form. So, grab your drinks and popcorn, and tune in to UFC’s weekend blast. Place your bets carefully with help from the best sportsbook in the UK!

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