Thomas Narmo and Odie Delaney

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Thomas Narmo and Odie Delaney Discuss ONE: Bad Blood Bout

Thomas Narmo and Odie Delaney test skills in a heavyweight affair at ONE: Bad Blood. This transpires at Singapore Indoor Stadium on February 11th.

Delaney signed with the promotion last Fall and the 2-0 pro will make his ONE debut in the coming days.

Conversely, Narmo embarks on his sophomore effort in the Circle. He looks to move beyond his controversial debut opposite Alain Ngalani.

In interviews with ONE Championship, with transcriptions courtesy of, both heavyweight warriors offered their thoughts on this bout. Excerpts throughout the chats with each combatant are below.

Thomas Narmo and Odie Delaney

Narmo said, “The first round can be a really bad storm (against a wrestler), but then comes round two and three and they’re off the pedal. They’re used to going really hard in wrestling, but it’s one round. MMA is not one round, so it will be interesting to see what his game plan is coming into this. Also, if you catch him really good with a punch, is he going to fall back to just pure wrestling, or is he still going to fight MMA? That will be the most interesting aspect for me to solve the puzzle.”

“Hopefully, we have an entertaining fight for all the fans. I’ve been training a lot on scrambling, stuff like that. So, I think it will be fun. It would be nice to get a bit tested in the wrestling (department) to see my level and then get out late first-round or early second-round with a stoppage. And then, hopefully, I’ll be good to go again in a few weeks.”

ONE: Bad Blood

Delaney stated, “He’s obviously a gifted athlete. I know he was a pro hockey player. He’s very big, athletic, and strong, and he has good cardio. He hits hard. He’s got all that going for him. Some of the weaknesses he might have? He’s only been in this for four years. I’ve been wrestling in some form or fashion since I could walk, so I think he’s going to feel something that he’s never felt before. And I think he’s in trouble everywhere. The problem is, yes, I’m a wrestler. That’s my strength and I’m happy to wrestle, but I’m also very happy to strike with him.”

“I think he’s going to come after me and he’s going to try to put me down quick because I know I can out-cardio him, I can out-wrestle him, and if I pressure him, he’s going to get caught. The way I see it going down is we’re going to have some striking exchanges, he’s going to the ground, and he’s going to get tapped out in the first round. That’s how I envision it.”

What are your thoughts on the upcoming Thomas Narmo and Odie Delaney clash at ONE: Bad Blood?

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