Train with Ben Saunders, first Omoplata finish in UFC history, next weekend at Combative Arts Institute

Train with Ben Saunders, first Omoplata finish in UFC history, next weekend at Combative Arts Institute

As Ben “Killa B” Saunders (17-6) pulled off the first EVER Omoplata submission finish in the history of the UFC last weekend many wondered…..”how?”   How in more than 20 years of competitively sanctioned mixed martial arts, thousands of fights at the highest level of MMA has there never been one finish by Omoplata?

Well……let’s start first with…what is an Omoplata? 

An omoplata is actually a shoulder lock when used as a submission, the hold is basically a Kimura but instead of using the figure four lock with your arms you use your legs. The technique is one of the more versatile in grappling as it can be applied to so many other things then just a straight submission hold.

In Judo it is known as the ‘Ashi-Sankaku-Garami’ and as the ‘Coil Lock’ in Catch Wrestling. If done to completion, the Omoplata rotates the arm behind the back and around past the breaking point, destroying the shoulder.

Who is Ben Saunders?

Saunders or ‘Killa B’ as many call him found fame on season six of the Ultimate Fighter, Team Hughes vs. Team Serra.  While Saunders did not win the tournament he did go on to compete in the organization seven more times against highly skilled and ranked competitors at the time to include Jon Fitch, Mike Swick, and Dennis Hallman.

From there Saunders fought once in World Extreme Fighting before taking 10 straight fights in Bellator.  He arrived back in the UFC this year and on his first fight back on the grandest stage of them all, Saunders completed the first ever Omoplata submission finish in the organization’s history when he submitted Chris Heatherly at just 2:18 in the first round.

Want to Train with the Record Holder?

If you live in and or train near northeastern Pennsylvania, then you do not want to miss the seminar that Saunders will hold next Saturday, September 6 at Combative Arts Institute in Easton.

The seminar will be held in conjunction with a signing and is co-sponsored by MMA Signatures, the nation’s largest MMA memorabilia company.

A. J. Hiller, owner of MMA Signatures is bringing Saunders to several locations for seminars in the Keystone sate.

The seminar at Combative Arts Institute will be held from 10 a.m. to noon on the 6th.  To reserve your spot or for more information call 917-685-1322 or 610-829-1022.  CAI is located at 1800 Sullivan Trail in Easton, Pa.



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