Tyson Fury Confirms He Will Face Francis Ngannou In MMA Gloves After Wilder And Joshua

Tyson Fury Confirms He Will Face Francis Ngannou In MMA Gloves After Wilder And Joshua

Tyson Fury confirmed to TMZ on Monday, that he will fight UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou after his bouts with Deontay Wilder and Anthony Joshua have met their respective conclusions.

Unfortunately for many, Fury insists this will not be in the form of a mixed martial arts contest. Instead, Fury is offering Ngannou out for a four-ounce gloved boxing match, inside the octagon.

Fury seemed destined to face fellow brit Anthony Joshua in Saudi Arabia on 14th August for the undisputed world heavyweight crown.

Yet, contractual obligations surrounding his WBC heavyweight title fights with Wilder in 2018 and 2020, forced Fury into a trilogy bout currently scheduled for 24th July.

For Fury, the Wilder rematch and Joshua fight must come first as legacy defining matchups, but afterwards, he is open to an MMA vs boxing crossover spectacle with Francis Ngannou.

Fresh off a training session with Nick Diaz, Tyson Fury assured TMZ that he is confident the fight will happen.

“[Diaz] told me Ngannou can’t do wrestling anyway so we’re just looking for a stand-up bang out.”

“Me and Ngannou in the small gloves, make it happen”.

“As soon as I’m done with Wilder and Joshua, I will fight Ngannou in an octagon in the four ounce gloves, punching.”

Three months earlier, Francis Ngannou told TMZ that he wanted to box Tyson Fury and make the switch to professional boxing in the near future. When asked whether or not he would fight his idol Mike Tyson, Ngannou responded: “No… I don’t want to fight Mike Tyson, but I would like to fight other heavyweights in boxing, such as Tyson Fury”.

“Remember boxing was my primary dream and I still have the fire, the dream inside me and I believe that at some point I’m going to make the step”.

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