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UFC 247 is on the way – a look ahead

In just a few weeks’ time, MMA fans both here in the US and around the world will be getting ready for one of the biggest Ultimate Fighting Championship events on the calendar in 2020. Gamblers with Betrivers PA are also looking forward to the wagering opportunities on offer at UFC 247. It looks set to be a superb event, and it is due to take place at the Toyota Center in Houston, Texas. It’ll take place on February 8th, and it’s likely to be a much watched event.

The main event at UFC 247 will of course be the big match between Jon Jones and Dominick Reyes, who will be battling it out to win the light heavyweight title. But who, if either, is likely to win? What experiences do each bring to the table? And who else is set to play the matches which are scheduled in further down the card? This blog post will delve into their past performances and will endeavor to explain what could happen when February 8th rolls around.

Main player stats

Both Jones and Reyes have strong track records, although Jones certainly has the edge. He has participated in twice as many matches as his opponent has and has a phenomenal record of 24-1-0. Reyes, on the other hand, is less well-fought but has an impeccable record too at 11-0-0. However, when it comes to assessing player statistics, there’s much more to look at than just track records.

Another important thing for both gamblers and fans to think about is weight, as that can of course have a profound effect on the power which fighters bring to the ring. Each of the players on this occasion enjoy pre-event weights of 205 pounds – and they also share a height too, this time of six foot four. Jones once again enjoys some form of superiority of his rival, at least on paper, when it comes to reach. His reach is around 18 centimeters further than that of Reyes.

Women’s events

But there’s way more than just the headline fight on offer at UFC 247 – and for those who are fans of women’s boxing, the match between Chookagian and Shevchenko is sure to delight. Katlyn Chookagian is number one by some metrics, meaning that Valentina Shevchenko may have her work cut out. However, Shevchenko does have more experience thanks to her 17-3-0 record; while Chookagian might have the status, her experience is a good cut lower at 12-2-0.

Low-level games

There’ll also be a whole host of lower-level games at UFC 247, so there truly will be a match for everyone’s tastes and preferences. For those who are into heavyweight fighting, for example, Justin Tafa – who is known as “Bad Man” – will go head to head with Juan Adams. For the featherweight side, Dan Ige and Mirsad Bektic are scheduled to take one another on. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that the headline fight is all that matters. In practice, plenty of other fights can and will take place on the night.

Watching it

If you’re planning to have a big night in to enjoy the UFC 247, perhaps on your own or with some buddies, it’s worth ensuring that you prepare properly for the event. First off, you need to make sure that you have access to ESPN+ if you want to take in the main fight on the list. It is going to be shown on a pay per view basis, so don’t forget to get your subscription arranged. The big fight will kick off at 10pm Eastern time, meaning that it will be on across the evening in different parts of the country. If you’re hardcore and fancy watching the early preliminaries, you can do so from 6:15pm Eastern time onwards.

Whether you’re into heavyweight or featherweight or whether you want to see men’s or women’s matches, then, the UFC 247 is set to be a big date in the calendar for mixed martial arts fans. It’s unlikely that the dominant match, that of Jones and Reyes, will have the spotlight taken off it – especially given that the pair are in many ways an equal match. However, with exciting women’s games and plenty of other options on the event card, it’s time to get your ESPN+ subscription ready and prepare to follow the action on February 8th.

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