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UFC’s Tony Kelley eyeing early 2021 return to octagon, feels he has more to prove

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After gaining his first victory in the infamous UFC octagon, Tony Kelley feels he has more to prove to the fans and himself. Kelley, now standing at 7-2 professionally, defeated Ali AlQaisi (8-4) via unanimous decision on the UFC’s Fight Island. Although a dream to compete and win under the promotion, Kelley is looking for much more in 2021 after securing the win.

“It’s great having a win in there [UFC],” Kelley told MyMMANews. “Not exactly the way I wanted to win following the fight of the night (FOTN), kind of lack luster. I did enough to win, I feel good getting the win,” Kelley continued. “I want to go out there and finish someone, show the world who I really am.”

Kelley will enjoy his 34th birthday to open 2021. With this Birthday he’d love a fight very soon after, maybe even one with a fellow Louisiana native.

“A bunch of good matchups, I leave it to them [UFC],” Kelley stated. “I’ll fight anyone.  My birthday is January 21st. I’d like to get on that Dustin Poirier, Conor McGregor, but we will see.”

The FOTN winner in his debut, Kelley is completely ready for anything and at any time period. Hungrier than ever to perform, and to the level he knows he is fully capable of performing at. Kelley recently signed with Iridium Sports Agency under Jason House, and the two are excited for the future.

“I’ve known Jason for quite a while now,” Kelley explained. “I like what he’s doing, I like the team, his team works very hard. We have similar goals and so it is a symbiotic relationship.”

Watch the full interview above, Tony Kelley speaks on Louisiana MMA, Fight Island, and the pushing and shoving between himself and Ali.

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