Valerie Loureda

Valerie Loureda opens up on being a role model for women and Cubans everywhere

Valerie Loureda is far more than just a beautiful woman to follow on social media. In fact, she’d prefer it if everyone looked at her and all that she does, and give the respect she deserves. Loureda is not only a model but she’s an actress, Taekwondo extraordinaire, broadcaster, and a professional MMA fighter.

As she prepares for her third professional MMA fight inside the Bellator cage, Loureda is looking to have a far greater impact than just what she does in her professions. As a female Cuban fighter out of Miami, Loureda knows that she has an impact that can stretch to everyone in the Cuban community and women of all ages, who may look to her for inspiration.

Recently, Loureda discussed how she looks up to her teammate and UFC ‘BMF’ champ, welterweight contender, Jorge Masvidal. During the Bellator 243 media day, Loureda discussed what it means to be a female Cuban fighter out of Miami and American Top Team.

“Yes, I am making an impact. I’m the first Cuban female fighter to come out of Miami, I hold a lot of responsibility on my heart to represent our community. Jorge [Masvidal] is who he is, I follow a lot of his footsteps, I feel like I am getting there but I’m very hard on myself and I feel like I’m not there yet. I’m not complacent, I’m not satisfied, I’m not going to stop until I’m 10-0, have that belt, and I’m the first Cuban-American woman to have the belt for Bellator.”

Thriving in many industries, Loureda feels like her message to all Cubans, women, and everyone who follows her is hard to understand but she’ll keep working until she has achieved everything she wants to do and inspires everyone.

“That’s my message, I think a lot of people don’t understand it because it’s too much for them to handle. This is who I am, this isn’t for marketing, this isn’t for social media, this is who Valerie Loureda is, in and out of the cage.  This is who I am. I don’t feel comfortable with myself as a woman or training hard, if I’m not being myself and staying true to my identity. This is what is going to make me who I am, this is what’s going to make me recognized by the public, and this is what is going to make me a role model to other women and young girls who feel like I do and feel like there are stereotypes for doing a sport that’s more male-dominated.”

On Friday, Loureda will take part in the Bellator 243 prelims when she faces Tara Graff who is 1-1 in her professional career. Bellator has done a phenomenal job in building up Loureda both inside and outside the cage for her fighting career, just as Valerie Loureda has done a remarkable job in handling all avenues of her life, to show she can inspire Cubans, women of all ages, and everyone who follows her.

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