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VIDEO: Ewa Brodnicka shoves sex toy in MMA opponent’s face

In the above video, Polish boxer and professional mixed martial artist Ewa Brodnicka shoved a sex toy in her opponent’s face at their August 2021 fight under the High League banner.

Brodnicka was weighing in for the scheduled MMA bout, part of the promotion’s first show, when her opponent Aniela Bogusz, approach the scale and slapped Ewa on the butt several times.

Ewa Brodnicka then turned and grabbed a wrapped object and started to walk towards Bogusz. As the two women faced off, Brodnicka unwrapped the sex toy, a black dildo, and tried to place it in Bogusz’ face.

That’s when Bogusz grabbed the fake penis and threw it back at her opponent. The ladies then verbally attacked one another and were held back from physical altercation.

The fight would eventually go down and it was Bogusz who came out victorious after a third-round crucifix.

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