Two dwarfs fighting in a phone booth

VIDEO: Two dwarfs fighting in a phone booth

Dwarfs fighting in a phone booth is actually a thing

Combat sports promoters are always looking for a new and exciting angle to come up with, something to put butts in seats and send pay-per-view buys soaring.

Russian promotion Punch Box is no exception to the standard and recently delivered with their concept of phone booth fighting.

To take the idea to even greater lengths, Punch Box promoters crammed two dwarfs into a phone booth and let the fists fly.  Rounds are limited to one-minute time limits.

Video of the fight was shared on the @Matysek88 Twitter account.

“This is getting out of control,” the tweet said. “Two dwarfs duking it out in a phone booth. Punch Box baby.”

You can also watch the full event below:

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