Fight Ends

What to Do When the Fight Ends Quickly

Sometimes, fights can end all of a sudden out of nowhere – it’s the nature of MMA. Within a matter of seconds, a fighter can lock in a submission or TKO their opponent. As exciting as this is to watch, it sadly means that many fights end quickly. If you’ve purchased a pay-per-view (PPV) subscription for the night, this might leave you feeling a little let down. After all, PPVs aren’t cheap, especially UFC ones!

Luckily, though, when a fight ends quickly, there are lots of other ways you can spend your evening. Want to learn more about this? Here are some top suggestions for you to try:


Play Online Games

If you were watching the fight at your house, the best plan of action is to play some online games after the fight has finished. Got a PlayStation 5 or XBOX Series X/S? Then the perfect game to play is EA Sports UFC 4!

On the other hand, if you feel like doing a little gambling, online casino Canada real money sites would likely be the more entertaining option for you. During fight nights, a lot of MMA fans like to gamble, so there’s a good chance that you’ll enjoy the different online casino games that are available for you to play!


See What’s Trending on Twitter

Whenever there’s an MMA event, it usually trends on Twitter for the entire night. In fact, the recent UFC 275 event was trending for hours when it took place. The moment Glover Teixeira beat Jiri Prochazka in the main event, hundreds of tweets were going out per second!

So, if a fight ever finishes quickly, don’t forget to hop on Twitter to see what everyone is saying. Twitter is a great place for insightful, entertaining, and (at times) hilarious MMA content and opinions, meaning there’s no harm in making a Twitter account if you don’t have one already and fancy a bit of fun with other fans.


Watch UFC Content on YouTube

YouTube is home to thousands of MMA channels – particularly UFC ones. The official UFC YouTube channel also uploads fight highlights straight after they happen.

In some cases, this channel will even upload full fights for free. Plus, if you’re interested in what the fighters have to say in their post-fight interviews, you can watch those, too.


Go for a Late-Night Drive

Do you drive? If so, fight night is the best time to go for a late-night drive – so long as you haven’t been drinking alcohol, of course!

Whilst driving, you can stick on an MMA podcast or YouTube reaction video so that you have something entertaining to listen to along the journey. Joe Rogan has a great podcast where he regularly discusses the UFC.


Invite Some Friends Over

If it’s still relatively early in the night, you should make the most of it by inviting some friends over. For extra fun, you can have some drinks and even order takeout food.

Prior to any MMA events on TV, it’s always best to invite friends over, as watching fights with them is automatically more exciting. Even for casual MMA fans, the experience is highly enjoyable since you don’t need to be an MMA expert to understand what’s happening on-screen.

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