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Workout Of The Week: Rickson Flow

If you listen to mixed martial arts legend Rickson Gracie speak about strength and conditioning, he keeps it very simple.Rickson Flow

Gracie is the master and is a firm believer in moving the body to your advantage. In multiple videos and interviews Gracie speaks about the body flow, whether he is on a hike, surfing, or doing his Jiu-Jitsu. He says that he rarely uses weights or machines.

I created this workout with that in mind. If you watch any of his training videos he does a lot of yoga type body weight movements with an emphasis on technique and breathing. In this workout you will be using just your own body weight and resistance.

There are 8 exercises and every exercise is 10 repetitions. You will repeat all 8 exercises 8-10 times with a minute to 2 minute rest in between each of the rounds. The first couple rounds will go quickly. By the time you reach the mid point of the routine, the time it take for each round will start to increase because of how tired your body is. The Rickson Flow workout is a total body workout that will leave you exhausted like you just rolled with a BJJ legend.


Pushups 10

Pistol Squat 10 R 10 L (Sit on a bench or a box, lift one leg, stand up, keep your balance, and sit down while keeping that leg off the ground. Repeat and then switch legs)

TRX Rows 10

Box Jumps 10

Up/Down Planks 10 (Start in a plank position: forearms and toes on the ground and core tight. Walk both hands up into a pushup position and go back down to your elbows and repeat)

Jess doing the updown planks

Squat Jumps 10

Shoulder Taps 10 R 10 L (Start in a pushups position with your legs wider than shoulder with. Take your right hand and tap your left shoulder while keeping your core tight and hips square to the ground. Switch sides and repeat)

Side Lunges 10 R 10 L.

8-10 times. Take a 1 minute- 2 minute rest in between each round.

Good luck! Have Fun!

Rickson Flow Workout


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