Daily Protein Intake

Your Daily Protein Intake Could Affect Your Weight Loss- Here’s Why

Dietary Proteins Play A Key Role In The Ability To Lose Weight

There have been decades of scientific research on how nutrition and weight loss are interrelated. Of course, there are more factors that play a role in weight loss. Though exercise is known as an important factor, a person’s eating habit contributes more to their weight loss than the number of hours spent in the gym. Dieting helps as well as long as the total calories consumed are balances and accounted for. Finally, dietary proteins also play a key role in one’s ability to lose weight.

Proteins are vital micronutrients that are a part of nearly all bodily functions. When exercising, proteins help with the recovery process. They help to create and maintain body tissues. When you want to lose weight, you have to aim for the optimal protein intake. For athletes, the protein intake is higher. Below are some of the benefits of protein intake that help with weight loss.

Daily Protein Intake

Proteins Keep You Full Longer

One of the biggest factors that can account for weight gain is hunger. If you are experiencing high levels of hunger then you are less likely to stick to any nutrition or dietary plans. Of all the micronutrients, proteins are the most satiating of all. When your protein intake is higher, you tend to feel less hungry. By consuming snacks that are high in proteins, people can go one longer between their meals which eventually helps them eat less. While drinking water before a meal is supposed to curb your hunger, adding protein to it can decrease it even further. Roughly up to 2.9 grams of protein per day can help you to gain more satiety.

Proteins Preserve Lean Body Mass

During periods of caloric restriction or diet, proteins can help to preserve lean body mass. This is beneficial for losing weight. Depending on the variety of dietary needs you can get your protein intake from consuming lean meats, protein shakes, or using vegan options. When you portion your protein intake as per the recommendation, you spare lean body mass loo that typically happens during periods of weight loss. Lean body mass if your total weight after the weight of fat is removed. 

Proteins Enhance Thermic Effect

The process needed to digest your food is called the thermic effect as to break down the food, a certain amount of energy is needed. This energy is used further to digest the food and thereby turn it into more energy. Of all the micronutrients, proteins require the highest amount of energy. When you consume a high-level protein diet, the thermic effect of food is increased. This means you burn more calories while digesting it. Overall this could have a substantial weight loss effect. 

Proteins Are Harder To Store As Body Fat

For being able to lose weight, you have spent more energy than consumed. Excess of energy or calories is stored as fat. Proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, the three macronutrients present in the human body, are processed differently. In order for protein to be stored as fat a very different type of process needs to take place. This process is rare and therefore the chances of proteins being able to be stored as fat is much harder as compared to carbohydrates. By consuming a lot of proteins, you will benefit from less body fat stored in your body as compared to when you overeat carbs or fats. 

A Holistic Approach To Weight Loss


There are many ways to successfully lose weight. However, ensuring the correct protein content in your diet is a sure-shot way to lose weight. You don’t necessarily have to revolve your entire weight loss plan around it but ensure to incorporate it as a part of the plan. Proteins can help maintain lean body mass, help satiate hunger pangs, keep you full longer, increase the thermal effect of food consumption and reduce the storage of body fat. All these factors lead to the same . Healthy weight loss. 

Having said so, other factors will also play an important role. Regular exercise will not only ensure that your body is toned and looks good during the weight-loss period but will also have a positive effect on your mental activity. A healthy body and mind together can lead you to achieve your optimal weight. Incorporate fun activities in your exercise routine so you can be consistent and not get bored. Boredom disrupts consistency which eventually will lead you to go back to old ways. Keeping track of your weight loss will also play a motivational factor in your weight loss journey.

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