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16-year-old Russian fighter dead after head kick, failure to wear proper equipment

A 16-year-old Russian fighter has died after participating in a mixed martial arts tournament in the city of Belogorsk, according to report from

The event took place in the Amur region of Russia, and lacked oversight, bringing catastrophic results.

According to the report, the 16-year-old competitor in the Open MMA Cup of the Rodina Sports Club died in the hospital after being committed for intensive care after receiving a kick to the head. Video below

The report from MMANews states, “the rules for the 16-18 year old competitors in amateur MMA for this region dictate that the athletes are required to wear headgear. However, the 16-year old who passed away apparently requested to not wear his headgear, a wish that was granted by the reported head referee and promotor of the event.”

The MMA Union of Russia is investigating this tragedy. The victim’s name has not been released.

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