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Jim Miller still hopes to fight at UFC 300

Long-time UFC lightweight contender Jim Miller still hopes to fight at UFC 300, potentially as the final bout of his storied MMA career.

Miller is coming off of a 23-second KO win over Jesse Butler at UFC Vegas 74. The owner of the record for most finishes in UFC history, Miller is the only fighter to have competed at both UFC 100 and UFC 200. That’s why he has been so adamant that he wants to fight at UFC 300 next year, in what could be his final MMA match.

Speaking to the media following his win over Butler at UFC Vegas 74, Miller said that his goal is still to fight at UFC 300, and it could potentially be the last fight of his MMA career.

“Let’s get another one in by the end of the year. I hate only having two fights a year. I want to get that third. I’ve said it that I want to end my career the way that I finished it, which is fighting as often as I can. Doing the math, talking to people, (UFC) 300 might be in like April or something like that, which kind of stinks. It moves that timeline up for me. Maybe it won’t be my last one, but I don’t know,” Miller said (via MMAjunkie.com).

Miller was hoping that UFC 300 lined up for July 2024, but it looks like it might be earlier, in April or May, which could change the timeline that the legend has for hanging up his gloves.

“I absolutely want to get in and do November or something like that. (UFC) 300 is kind of the finish line, I think, you know? Maybe? I’ll talk to my wife. But like I said, I want to finish the way that I started. Being conservative about it and saying hey and grabbing a hold of Sean’s (Shelby) ears and being like, ‘I don’t want to fight until 300,’ because it won’t be that long. I was hoping that it would be July. If it was July, I had it all mapped out. November, March, July, that’s 45. Boom. We’re good to go. Now, it’s like, the math is wrong, and it’s going to be May or something like that. I mean, I’ll be ready to fight then. But I don’t know if I’ll be ready to hang them up.” Miller said.

Who do you want to see Jim Miller fight at UFC 300?

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