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20yr-old Austin Bashi taking patient approach to fight career ahead of Shamrock FC title fight

Interview with Austin Bashi above


Austin Bashi (5-0) discusses his bantamweight title fight against Erion Zekthi (6-1) at Shamrock FC 337 on Apr. 9. Austin also spoke about how this opportunity came together, what type of training camp he’s had and why he’s not in a rush to make it to the UFC.

“That’s my whole thing I don’t want to rush myself. I want to fight tough guys on the regional scene so that way when I do make it to the big leagues, I’m used for all that. All the tough guys. When you have a dream, you have to keep chasing it day by day. For the past 12 years that’s what I’ve been doing. It’s my destiny.” 

Shamrock FC 337 fight card:

Austin Bashi vs. Erion Zekthi – 135 lbs
Dustin Lampros vs. Ashton Caniglia – 135 lbs
Enrique Watson vs. Brian Imes – 205 lbs
Jesse Martinelli vs. Tyler Stokes – 125 lbs
Jackson Henson vs. Peter Lucitt – 135 lbs
James Selzer vs. Mike Offor
Jose Intriago vs. Kijah Banda – 155 lbs
Ray Hayes vs. Jordan Coffman – 155 lbs
Patrick Vega vs. Nicki Rivera
Austin Miller vs. Lexeus Lightharp – 170 lbs
Elijah Neese vs. Scott Marler – 205 lbs
PJ Riley vs. Isaac Dancy – 155 lbs
Patrick Gordan vs. Richard Jones
Dalton Viglasky vs. Dakota Generaux – 155 lbs
Areon Ferguson vs. H. McCormick – 145 lbs

Order and watch Austin Bashi fight at Shamrock FC 337 below:

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