Alexander Shlemenko defeats Paul Bradley

Alexander Shlemenko defeats Paul Bradley

Alexander Shlemenko defeats Paul Bradley, Kunchenko retains M-1 Challenge welterweight title

Alexander Shlemenko defeats Paul Bradley, Kunchenko retains M-1 Challenge welterweight title

MOSCOW (March 4, 2017) — Russian middleweight Alexander “Storm” Shlemenko defeated American Paul “The Gentleman” Bradley and undefeated M-1 Challenge welterweight champion Alexey Kunchenko retained his title last night in the loaded M-1 Challenge 75 card at Olympic Sports Complex in Moscow, Russia.

A three-time Bellator champion, Shlemenko (55-9-0. 1 NC, M-1: 5-0-0) spoiled the M-1 Global debut of former Ring of Combat champion Bradley (23-8-0, M-1: 0-1-0), fighting out of San Diego, by way of a three-round unanimous decision in the main event of the evening. Shlemenko, who last year captured the M-1 Grand Prix Middleweight Championship, remained undefeated in M-1 Global competition.

Kunchenko (16-0-0, M-1: 8-0-0), of Russia, kept his professional MMA record intact with his 16th victory, half of which in M-1 Global competition, with a five-round unanimous decision over fellow countryman Maksim Grabovich (5-3-0, M-1: 4-1-0) in the co-feature.

Popular Russian welterweight Sergey “Streetfighter” Romanov (11-1-0, M-1: 4-0-0) made a strong statement as a legitimate title contender with his three-round unanimous decision over Russian MMA veteran Mogamed “The White Wolf” Sultanakhmedov (18-6-0, M-1: 10-2-0), the former M-1 Selection middleweight champion.

Former M-1 Challenge lightweight champion Maxim Divnich (13-2-0, M-1: 7-2-0) positioned himself for another title shot, stopping American Keon “The Black Assassin” Caldwell (11-4-0, M-1: 0-1-0) on punches in the second round.

In the final main card fight, Brazilian light heavyweight Carlos “Cachorrao” Eduardo (15-4-0, M-1: 1-0-0) made an impressive M-1 Global debut, taking a three-round decision from his Ukrainian opponent, Boris “Bora” Polezhay (15-6-0, M-1: 1-1-0).

In preliminary card action, Russian middleweight Valery “The Russian Hammer” Myasinikov (11-1-2, M-1: 2-1-2) lived up to his nickname with an opening-round knockout of Brazilian Amilcar Alves (15-11-0, M-1: 0-1-0), undefeated Russian welterweight Abubakar Mestoev (4-0-0, M-1: 4-0-0) took a three-round unanimous decision from German Niko Samsonidse (2-1-0, M-1: 0-1-0), pro-debuting Russian lightweight Roman Bogatov (1-0-0, M-1: 1-0-0) used an arm-triangle choke to submit Ukrainian Aleksey Sotnikov (4-2-0, M-1: 0-1-0), South Korean Bok Kil Young (8-2-1, M-1: 0-0-1) and Russian Viktor Kolesnik (9-2-1, M-1: 0-0-1) fought to a three-round draw, Russian welterweight Danila Prikaza (6-1-0, M-1: 4-1-0) locked in a rear-naked choke hold to defeat German Arda “Boma Ye” Adas (8-3-0, M-1: 0-1-0) by first-round submission, and Georgian lightweight Raul Tutarauli (8-4-0, M-1: 4-1-0) punched out Mohamed Grabinski (14-4-0, M-1: 0-1-0), of Germany, in the second round.


Alexander Shlemenko (55-9-0, 1 NC, M-1: 5-0-0), Russia
Paul Bradley (23-8-0, 2 NC, M-1: 0-1-0), USA

Alexey Kunchenko (16-0-0, M-1: 8-0-0), Russia
Maksim Grabovich (5-3-0, M-1: 4-1-0), Russia
(Kunchenko retained M-1 Challenge welterweight title)

Seregey Romanov (11-1-0, M-1: 4-0-0), Russia
Magomed Sultanakhmedov (18-6-0, M-1: 10-2-0), Russia

Maxim Divnich (12-2-0, M-1: 7-2-0), Russia
WTKO/KO2 (punches – 2:03)
Keon Caldwell (11-4-0, M-1: 0-1-0), USA

Carlos Eduardo (15-4-0, M-1: 0-1-0), Brazil

Boris Polezhay (15-4-0, M-1: 1-1-0), Ukraine


Valery Myasinikov(11-1-2, M-1: 2-2-2), Russia.
WTKO/KO1 (punches – 2:59)
Amilcar Alves (15-2-0, M-1: 0-1-0), Brazil

Abubakar Mestoev (4-0-0, M-1: 4-0-0), Russia
Niko Samsonidse (2-1-0, M-1: 0-1-0), Germany

Danila Prikaza (6-1-0, M-1: 4-1-0), Russia
WSUB1 (rear-naked choke – 1:54)
Arda Adas (8-3-0, M-1: 0-1-0), Germany

Roman Bogatov (1-0-0, M-1: 1-0-0), Russia
WSUB1 (arm-triangle choke – 1:56)
Aleksey Sotnikov (4-1-0, M-1: 0-0-0), Ukraine

Bok Kil Young (8-2-1, M-1: 0-0-1), South Korea
Viktor Kolesnik (9-2-1, M-1: 0-0-1), Russia

Raul Tutarauli (8-4-0, M-1: 4-1-0), Georgia
WTKO/KO2 (punches – 3:50)
Mohamed Grabinski (14-4-0, M-1: 0-1-0), Germany

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