Angelica Martinez

Angelica Martinez – 18 years old and looking for second belt at RFS 17

Angelica Martinez – 18 years old and looking for second belt at RFS 17

Angelica Martinez is just getting her foot wet in the sport of mixed martial arts but the active 18-year old youngster already holds a 3-2 amateur record.  The Prince George, Virginia native will be taking on Lateesha Mohl for the vacant Revolution Fight Series strawweight title on September 24 and looks to add a second belt around her waist.

Lateesha Mohl vs Angelica Martinez at RFS 17
Lateesha Mohl vs Angelica Martinez at RFS 17

Martinez currently holds the strawweight title for another organization but will put her skills to use for RFS and fight promoter Jim Stuart to keep herself active.

“I have the 115 Sprawl and Brawl title. I was looking to defend it in July, but that card got pushed back, so I took this title fight with RFS because it seemed like a great opportunity! If the opportunity arises, I will defend it, but there is still no set date on the next Sprawl and Brawl,” Martinez said.

RFS 17 will be held at the Shingleton Gym on the Shenandoah University Campus in Winchester, Virginia.

Martinez currently trains at RVA MMA with Coach Danny Vidal and Jimi Hoctor as well as at Bang Bang Kickboxing under GLORY Kickboxing fighter Francois Ambang.

MyMMANews – You are fighting Lateesha Mohl for the Revolution Fight Series amateur title. What do you know about Lateesha and what can we expect to see from you on September 24?

Angelica Martinez – “I haven’t seen much on Lateesha, I know she is primarily a striker and that she is 1-1. I’ve also heard she’s very scrappy. I’m looking to use my reach advantage and out strike her.”

MyMMANews – You are only 18 years old.  How long have you been training mixed martial arts?

Angelica Martinez - Photo by AKPhotography
Angelica Martinez – Photo by AKPhotography

Angelica Martinez – “I started Taekwondo when I was 14 and had my first MMA fight out of the Virginia Taekwondo Institute when I was 16. After my second fight I started training and fighting out of RVA MMA, where I primarily work kickboxing and jiu-jitsu.”

MyMMANews – How do you split your time between school and work and still manage to have time to win championships and train mixed martial arts?

Angelica Martinez – “I currently work part time, train every day (sometimes twice a day) and have a full schedule at VCU (Virginia Commonwealth University). This is my second year doing this, so I’m hoping this year I’ll be able to better balance my school work and training. It helps just having a set schedule. I schedule my classes during the day so I can train in the evenings and I find jobs that accommodate my busy schedule. I miss out on the social aspect of college and don’t have as much time to spend with friends and family, but I’m fortunate enough to have understanding and supportive people behind me. (I also drink a lot of coffee lol)”

MyMMANews – What inspired you to get into the sport?

Angelica Martinez – “I discovered MMA through watching the UFC. I thought it looked awesome and figured I could do it myself.”

MyMMANews – What are you future plans for the sport?

Angelica Martinez – “I plan to definitely be professional before I graduate from college, and I dream of one day being in the UFC. I want to not only make it there, but make a name for myself. I don’t care about money, I just want to be respected as one of the best in the world.”

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Angelica Martinez
Angelica Martinez – Photo by J. Foster Photography

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