Lateesha Mohl

Lateesha Mohl

Lateesha Mohl: Ain’t Nobody Stopping Me

Lateesha Mohl:  Ain’t Nobody Stopping Me

A new Revolution Fight Series strawweight champion will be crowned September 24 when Lateesha Mohl and Angelica Martinez meet at the center of the cage to determine which is the more dominate 115-pound amateur mixed martial artist.

Lateesha Mohl vs Angelica Martinez at RFS 17
Lateesha Mohl vs Angelica Martinez at RFS 17

RFS 17 will be held at the Shingleton Gym on the Shenandoah University Campus in Winchester, Virginia and will feature a night of both MMA and Muay Thai action.

The Mohl-Martinez bout will be contested under amateur mixed martial arts rules.  We caught up with Mohl (1-1) who trains at Team Trimmer in York, Pennsylvania under Grandmaster Mat Trimmer and her boyfriend Shaun Kepner (2-5).

She is just 20-years old and hails from Cleona, Pennsylvania.  She recently moved to Cleona from Hummelstown.

Mohl is celebrating one in the sport of mixed martial arts; she say, “As of August 25, 2016, I have officially been training for one year. I joined the gym in hopes of training to box with no intentions of actually fighting. After four months of training, they started training me for mixed martial arts and from there my love for the sport ignited.”

Lateesha Mohl
Lateesha Mohl

We asked Mohl what she knows about her opponent and what fans can expect to see.

Lateesha Mohl – “I know Angelica is skilled in what she does. I am under the assumption that her preferred style is boxing/kickboxing. I know she also has a few inches on me, but I know I have the skills to accommodate. You can expect to see an awesome stand up fight from me. I refuse to quit and will do whatever it takes to have that belt around my waist.”

MyMMANews – Your most recent fight was a title fight at 125 pounds.  It was a fight in which you lost via a decision.   Is the outcome of that fight the main reason for you dropping down to strawweight or is there another underlying reason for the drop?

Lateesha Mohl – “Actually, I am originally a strawweight. I moved up to fight Joy (Miller) for the belt at 125 pounds (I don’t even weigh 125 pounds at normal weight. I stand at 120-122 pounds normally). Jim Stuart (RFS promoter) gave me that offer and believed that I would perform well at that weight. I DID perform well at 125 pounds and that Jim’s judgement was accurate. I trust his opinion very much and he has given me amazing opportunities that I thank him for. The outcome of that fight did not have me frightened or worried. The main reason for my loss was inexperience in the sport. At the time of that fight, I had only been training for seven months. I am glad I had that fight because now I learned SO many things and I feel that I am prepared to take on anyone.”

Mohl is currently enrolled in classes at York Technical Institute where she is studying to be a Veterinary Technician and plans to graduate July of 2017.  She is also currently employed at Hoss’s Steak and Sea House as a waitress for the past four years.

Lateesha Mohl and boyfriend, Shaun Kepner
Lateesha Mohl and boyfriend Shaun Kepner

MyMMANews – How do you manage to balance school and work and still manage to train for a fight?

Lateesha Mohl – “It is really hard balancing school, work, and training. My college is year round, so I do not have any breaks between semesters or a summer break. Everyday I try to do something to better myself, whether it be running, lifting, or shadow boxing. I get about 5-6 hours of sleep a night. I definitely utilize my entire day and evening accomplishing everything I need to get done to succeed in all three areas. I train, go to school, and work year round. It’s not easy, but I know my hard work is paying off!”

MyMMANews – What inspired you to get into the sport?

Lateesha Mohl – “Originally, my inspiration was study boxing to get myself in shape since I no longer played softball. Once I was introduced to Mixed martial arts, I fell in love immediately. It is the only thing I want to do for the rest of my life and every day of my life.”

Lateesha Mohl - Photo by Chris Eichelberger Photography
Lateesha Mohl Photo by Chris Eichelberger Photography

MyMMANews – What are your future plans for the sport?

Lateesha Mohl – “My future plans for the sport are to become a professional fighter and make it my full time career. I love this sport more than any other sport I have seen or played. I refuse to give up until I make it to where I want to be. Ain’t nobody stopping me!”

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Lateesha Mohl - Phot by Felix Falcon
Lateesha Mohl Phot by Felix Falcon
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