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Anthony Smith says Jon Jones can’t beat him in jiu-jitsu

Anthony Smith is set for the biggest fight of his life on Saturday night. In the main event of UFC 235, Smith is taking on arguably the greatest fighter of all-time in Jon Jones. With that, many are counting out Smith saying he has no shot. Yet, Smith doesn’t believe that at all. He remains confident he has what it takes to beat Jones and shock the world.

One possible way he can do it is with his hands given Smith has shown the ability to knock people out in the light heavyweight division. But, according to Smith, he also believes he can beat Jones on the ground, citing how good his jiu-jitsu truly is. With that, Smith believes he holds the edge over Jones and is ready to shock the world.

“I’m okay with that. I love jiu-jitsu and we talked about it before, I started out as a jiu-jitsu guy,” Smith said on the  UFC Unfiltered podcast. “I never claimed that I’m some world-class striker, that’s everybody else. I’ve always said I’m a jiu-jitsu guy at heart, that’s how I started. And I’m more than happy to get into a grappling battle with Jon. I think that Jon puts everything together really really well. He’s really smart, he makes really good decision, especially on the fly. But in a jiu-jitsu match, I don’t think there’s a world that exists that Jon Jones beats me in jiu-jitsu. It just doesn’t happen.”

For now, Smith and Jones are working on their weight cuts and last-minute preparations for their fight. For many, they believe this is just another person for Jones to beat, but Smith remains confident and is embracing the underdog role. Really, he has no choice but know for sure Smith is ready to fight and ready to her ‘And New’ by Bruce Buffer.

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