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Bobby Poulter

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Bobby Poulter on Julius Trimmeliti “Still train in the same gym”

Bobby Poulter tests skills with Julius Trimmeliti at Unified MMA 48 on December 16th.

Poulter once again appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and several subjects were touched on before this fight. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Bobby Poulter

The backstory on how this Julius Trimmeliti fight came about

“This matchup actually came up for the last BTC. We tried to make it happen on two days’ notice against Trimmeliti. But the commission wouldn’t approve it. So then a couple of days later, they got the Unified deal and they’re like how about you fight the same guy? He already agreed to it so I was more than happy to take that matchup. I know Trimmeliti well. We used to be training partners so it’s going to be interesting. But it’ll be a good fight and I know he’s going to come ready to go.”

“I’ve been training with Julius probably once a week for the last three-four months. Even during COVID, I was training with him. We actually still train in the same gym. Every Saturday, he’s at BTC sparring so am I. We have our own camps there and it’s quite a wild situation that we’ve got going on. But you make it work. He used to be a training partner but he asked for this fight for whatever reason. So I don’t know what he was thinking but if a training partner asks to fight you, you be the first one to take it. Especially with I think stylistically the matchup is.”

Unified MMA 48

Being on this Unified MMA card with regular training partner Scott Hudson and the feeling of other teammates fighting on the same event

“Oh, it’s great, man. There’s nothing better than you and your teammates going to war together. It is an individual sport but it’s not at the same time. I am getting into the cage by myself, my coaches are there. At the end of the day, the work’s already done by the time you get in there. Yes, you have to perform but you know 95 percent of the work is done. Now you’ve just got to get the other five percent and you’ve just got to let it all hang out.”

“So that’s the beautiful part of fighting alongside your training partners. Scott’s the co-main event. We’ve got Teshay Gouthro in the room a lot, Vlad (Kazbekov), there’s a lot of our guys going to war. It builds that sense of energy in the room, it’s just nuts. Like I just came from Niagara Top Team and we’ve got five or six guys fighting on the Unified card in the room and it’s just electric. There’s no better energy that you can find in any room in Canada right now.”

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