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Boxing: “Pac-Man” Eats Algieri Alive Through 12 Rounds – Results Event Results Events MMA News 

Boxing: “Pac-Man” Eats Algieri Alive Through 12 Rounds – Results

Tonight a Boxing icon battled a new up-and-coming fighter from Long Island, New York. Manny “Pac-Man” Pacquiao fought Chris “The King of New York” Algieri on HBO Pay-Per-View tonight, Saturday Nov. 22. The fight took place in Macao’s Cotai Arena, China.

Pacquaio defended his WBO welterweight title against Algieri. Algieri entered the ring in China with a perfect record of 20-0, and tons to prove to the boxing community. “Pac-Man” proved his edge of experience as he carried a career of 56-5-3 record into the ring against the American fighter, whom is five years younger.

Results: Each Paragraph equals a round.

Round one end after a little bit of a chess match. Algieri danced around Pacquiao trying to work his left jab. Pacquiao landed a couple strikes, but nothing major as the two felt each other out in the opening round.

In round two Pacquiao tried to open up on the New Yorker. After a clear slip by Algieri, the referee started a count awarding a knock down. Algieri came back in the round with a strong right a couple shots to the body.

Swelling around Algieri’s left eye has started after Pacquiao captured another round in the fight.

“Pac-Man” caught his opponent early in the round with a few head and body shots, and a solid upper cut, enough to make Algieri cover and move. Algieri has also found a little success with a right hand.

A better round for the American as he landed a solid left on the champ. The champ though has continued to pressure the young fighter and the round could go either way, but likely in Pacquiao’s favor.

After a low-blow that ALgieri didn’t agree with the referee, Pacquiao attacked earning a knock down. after a quick 8-count, Algieri got back up and “Pac-Man” continued to attack smelling blood in the water, he earned another knock down that appeared to be another slip in Pacquaio’s very wet corner. Algieri seemed to be with it and returned to his feet after another 8-count.

Round seven was much of Pacquaio pressuring Algieri with strikes. Algieri lands body shots, but it doesn’t appear to really affect the champion. Pac-Man has really worked Chris’s face in round seven.

Another round to the champ as the Long Island fighter is struggling to find his range, but has landed some body shots.

Algieri some how survives the round after being caught by a massive left hand dropping him for a  long 9-count. once he got back to his feet pac-man attacked again earning another 9-count. Algieri some how survives the round and makes it to round 10.

The 6th knock down occurred in the tenth round as Pacquaio will have to try to knock Algieri out in the 11th round.

After another round, Algieri had a better round with a jab going, but the fight now enters the final round.

Pacquaio appeared to just be looking for the knock out in the final round as he had his hands down. Algieri eat a couple upper cuts and also landed a strong right. Pacquaio earned a another round under his belt and will keep his title.

Chris Algieri’s inexperience showed in the fight as the future boxing hall of famer, Manny Pacquaio dominated Algieri through 12 rounds, stacking up 6 knock downs. Pacquaio is now 57-5-3 and Algieri earns his first loss, showing a big heart, but not enough to compete bringing his record to 20-1.

Manny Pacquiao def. Chris Algieri (Unanimous Decision 120-102, 119-103, 119-103)

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